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  2. Nothing against you and I like you as a poster but counting Ballard's 2017 season is a stretch. I realize he was the GM that year (1st year) but he didn't have the Coach he wanted and Luck was out for the year. We went 4-12 that year so his record is a bit skewed because of that. Others have posted the same thing about Ballard's record so you are not the only one and I just don't see how anyone can count that season legitimately. I pretty much go by 2018-this year when he hired Frank and his record would be 25-19 counting the playoffs. Is he the best GM in the league, probably not but he is go
  3. I am late to the party but it doesn't matter because I would've been 1-1 anyway. I had the Lions and Washington so it offsets Here are my Sunday picks/Monday pick: Ravens 17 Steelers 24 Chargers 19 Bills 27 Titans 27 Colts 30 Panthers 20 Vikings 21 Browns 27 Jags 17 Giants 24 Bengals 10 Cards 27 Pats 23 Dolphins 99 Jets 0 (Fluke's original quote) Saints 24 Broncos 13 49ers 17 Rams 30 Chiefs 34 Bucs 24 Bears 17 Packers 27 Seahawks 31 Eagles 17
  4. Yes, love the limited stuff from Harris. I really want to see more routes from him, but overall, love what he's doing. I'd love for him to be a long term answer at slot if Campbell moves to Z. I'm up in the air on specs. I need to see him hit some long ones, as well as some additional clutch kicks. Glasgow, like I said, I just don't expect much from. Doubt he's ever a contributor on D, but if he kills it on ST, I'm happy. A buddy of mine (a Ball State grad/fan), thinks Pinter develops into a RT, and the Colts will eventually move Smith over to LT (when AC retires), an
  5. It's Rivers he will play, the dude is made of steel . He played with a torn ACL.
  6. I just wish I knew whether it's turf toe or not.
  7. For what little it may be worth... if memory serves me correctly... we let Desir go one year into a 3-year deal. I don’t know that we planned to let him go, but that’s what happened. I suppose the same could happen to Doyle. I think what we do with MAC, Burton and the draft will tell us.
  8. What is your favorite football team? I'm personally partial to Football Team. Football Team with go down as the best football team in football history.
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  10. I think the response from those individuals would be complaining about fantasy points and money. Money brings out the worst in people.
  11. Agree on all these. If we're counting UDFA, I actually really like Harris and Blankenship (so far). I'd also add in that Glasgow has been a meaningful ST player (nice to get some immediate value from that pick). I'm also curious to see how Pinter pans out as OL depth, as well.
  12. Did you see how bad the defense was when Leonard was out? He's the reason our defense has played at the level they have this year.
  13. Let's wait for Ballard to get to a .500 overall record and maybe make a playoff run before we crown him king of all time. Lol. The key to Ballard's/colts success is how our QB situation will be rectified in 2021 or 2022 depending if Rivers returns. The AFC is full of good young QB's and the Jets & division rival Jags are poised to add Elite talent to the position. Trying to compete with them for Championships with a average/below average QB will be uphill struggle.
  14. IDK man. Currently, Nelson is the #2 ranked OG in pass block win rate (97%), and #1 ranked in run block win rate (78%). He's #1 in overall win rate (both passing and running). While he hasn't looked as dominating, he "winning" at higher rate than any other OG in the league. His PFF has fallen off, but the win rate is still clearly the best. None of our other OL were in the top 10 of their positions.
  15. You don't know that Leonard and Nelson are either do you? We've seen Darius Leonard and the numbers he puts up, but we've also seen a Leonard that hasn't been great at times. He makes huge plays and puts up gigantic numbers. He's well on his way, but we don't know what his career will make of. It goes the same for Blackmon and the rest. Pittman is exactly what Frank Reich wanted. His dad was a super bowl winning runningback, and Jr. has the size and athleticism to compete against anyone. We should be very fortunate to have Pittman...
  16. I doubt Nelson makes 1st or 2nd team all pro. He would b lucky to make 4th team all pro if there was such a thing lol.
  17. I wouldn’t bet against Pittman. Tough aggressive blocker and now showing flashes in receiving.
  18. Wouldn't make much difference if he he is. Jags would screw it up.
  19. It saved us cause it kept Lawrence out of South
  20. That loss to the Jags may come back to bite us big time
  21. That makes perfect sense. I bet that happens. They are going to be so short handed but that is how it is. Saw a tweet that the nfl only delays a game if there are medical reasons. They will not delay otherwise with the extended practice squads. Actually works out well to do that. Gives them a chance to work through cases.
  22. Again you hope that is the case, but you don't know yet. So far we've only seen flashes. Blackmon is for real, but the jury is still out for Pittman and Taylor
  23. Right.! They have 4 players on this class that are off to a strong start in Pittman, Taylor, Blackmon and Hot Rod. taylor and Blackmon got thrust into a role they weren’t necessarily supposed to be in with Mack and Hooker’s injuries. They have answered the call. Taylor’s coming out party was last Sunday. Reich just needs to stop playing the “hot hand” card. Get HIM hot early in every game. He’s that kind of back.
  24. You guys remember where you were watching this game. Look at how fast we started similar to last Sunday and just like last Sunday you guys came back and won.
  25. who is to say this class doesn’t? Blackmon is playing damn good ball right now. Is he putting up numbers like Leonard? Not exactly, but his importance to the success of this defense is up there. He’s a playmaker. Pittman is going to be a true Colts receiver and that means Hall of fame potential. Marvin, Reggie, TY... Pittman is going to be the #1 receiver for this team in the near future and that will be in that discussion so long as he has a good qb throwing to him. Taylor is going to be the bell cow for a team that wants to run the ball. Irsay said Mack would be a 1500 yard back. They WANT t
  26. Agreed. Which is why I said IF they continue to play and improve
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