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  2. You sir dealt with my statements hate it or love it, you have a point.
  3. No way. I am not going to defend the job that Grigs did overall...I wanted him gone much sooner than others. But...I will point out that you are wrong about Grigs having it easy. He inherited a terrible 2-14 roster...and a lot of dead cap that first year...from Manning and having to cut other leftover vets from the Polian era (Clark, Brackett, Bullitt, Addai). He spent what little cap space he had to re-sign both Wayne and Mathis (moves that were criticized by some at the time)...and other cheap FAs like Redding and Avery. He also traded a future pick for a young Vontae Davis before the season began. All of those players played critical roles on that massive turnaround. That is why he won the award...not just because of that draft (which I agree is overrated in hindsight)...but because of the totality of his work that offseason...and the situation he was in. And he absolutely deserved it. It wasn't until he cycled through that dead cap space that he started spending real money in FA. And with an elite franchise QB on a rookie deal...he absolutely should have been aggressive. Unfortunately...he just wasn't very good at evaluation...and made poor moves left and right...while dealing with some bad injury luck. Still...it got them to precipice. When Ballard took over, he too had a really bad roster...but lots of cap flexibility. He was more prudent (probably because of unknowns about Luck, scheme, coaching, etc.). But those unknowns also meant that Ballard's first year got to be a "rebuilding year" with little expectations...and it fortuitously resulted in the #3 pick in a QB heavy draft with multiple QB needy teams. And with a franchise QB already on the roster...he had options. To his (much deserved) credit...he absolutely crushed the trade with the NYJ and (possibly) all of the picks he got from that trade. But that was a massive opportunity that very few Execs ever get. How does that 2018 draft look IF Luck retired a year early...and Ballard has to strongly considering using that #3 pick on a QB? Because that's essentially what Grigs had to do. Yes he got Luck...but for the purpose of roster construction...Luck just a replacement for the franchise QB that was injured and released...and he had to use his most valuable asset he would ever have...to get that replacement. Who knows what that draft (and Grigs' overall draft record) looks like if Grigs was allowed to cash in on that pick. I am a big Ballard fan...and I am hopeful there are great things coming for this team...but if I am being objective...if anyone got off easy their first year...it was him. There are fans that place the blame for that 2017 draft class on Pagano...and then there are others that would tell you that offseason technically didn't happen...and 2018 was actually Ballard's first year. We all know Ballard is a better GM (all aspects)...but we really can't compare him and Grigs...because they have just had different paths. And to be fair...neither has had a winning season without Luck as the starting QB that season...but Grigs actually had a 6-4 record without Luck...while Ballard is 11-21. I expect that this season will improve upon that.
  4. Much of what you say is correct, but may not mean Cam is the better QB right now. Cam is .500 the past 46 games he has started. So his "winner" game play has disappeared over the past 4 years. His style of play requires the offense to be suited to him. The Colts are not there and Rivers fit into the Colts offense much better.
  5. Tough choice since Bosa is only 1 year in. Different positions as well. Bosa had 1.5 more sacks but Buckner had 15 more tackles. The Colts needed a tackle more than an end, so I am happy with Buckner.
  6. What was my point again? If people want to use 2+ years ago as a measuring stick. What I stated isn't wrong. And if going by your measuring stick, outside of last year when Can was hurt, he's had more success while playing in the NFL the same time as Rivers I also mentioned Cams winning pedigree since college days. Another thing (National Champion) that Rivers or AL hasn't done. Why don't you deal with the facts that I mentioned. (Can winning in all levels of football) Moreover, How many National Champ QBs end up in the Superbowl? Since we want to mention anyone who watches football. Let's see how well you know about your own former QB AL. WHAT WAS HIS LAST GAME IN COLLEGE, WHAT WAS THE OUTCOME? Ill tell you. He played Oklahoma State cowboys against that old QB (I believe Weeden 24-27 yr old) with WR Justin Blackmon. Outcome Standford lost. The last past that AL threw in college was a pick INT. sir, I watch alot of ball and don't rely on "experts" to tell me who is who, and how well they played, or how much they stink. I follow more than Colts in house players and will call out any one, team, or organization. You do want win more than a divisional title for the 40th time don't you? Can is a winner. Made Kelvin Benjamin into a Pro Bowler, the funny part is the Colts went ahead a grabbed cams WR Funchess for a drive. The way you see Cam "play the position" looks more like Mahomes, Jackson than Rivers. But go ahead.
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  8. He's obviously joking around...but if you look at other rookies...seems fair. Lamb and Jeudy are only 75. Taylor is the one that has a gripe. His testing numbers should have him much higher. The top rookie RBs...in general...should probably be around 80...especially if Mack is an 85. But rookies can shoot up their ratings in the updates if they play well. Last year...both Deebo and Brown started out around 72 and 71...and ended up at 79 and 80. So Pittman is going to have show up to get a big boost.
  9. My last comment where I stress that thus is my opinion, wasn’t so much meant for you as it was for a few posters who say I State opinion as fact. I wanted to be clear for them. You're not argumentative at all. We’re good.
  10. It is not like Andrew Luck was lighting it up during the 1-5 streak, he was throwing picks and pick sixes and was very inefficient. Yes, the D was not providing the support like it did later, and Luck not being in rhythm and dictate tempo put us in holes too, so it was a combination of both. It was the second half of the Texans game that Luck woke up, it seems like, and things looked better on his front after that. Luck had plenty of things he did not do well to cause those deficits and losses.
  11. Talk about a dominant DL if we had both Buckner and Jones! Hoping Ballard gets another impact player early in the draft at either DT or DE to pair with Buckner. Then we should have a DL very similar to San Fran.
  12. he’s clearly aware that Madden doesn’t know him... Maybe they credited him for that.
  13. I don’t see any issues Rivers has being because of him being new. Brady won’t have that issue in Tampa and I don’t see Rivers here either. They are consummate professional qb’s. Any issue is going to be physically with his age setting in (which anyone down on the move’s big concern) and him coming out of the gate early forcing interceptions. I don’t see either of those things happening, especially the latter. The age is always a concern, but I haven’t seen anything out of him that indicates he can’t perform at a very high level. He’s even a dark horse candidate for MVP. That speaks volumes.
  14. It isn’t the same scenario as the issue wasn’t Andrew Luck, it was the defense not coming together early. The entire point was if the issue is solely on rivers not performing and the losses putting us in an early 1-5 hole like in 2018, I’m not sure how they can continue that path. At that point, it might be too late to even salvage. i don’t think it will happen, regardless. I think Rivers can manage the game better than JB and that is what is needed, especially early as they get into a groove. All that’s needed is a start good enough to put us in position to win the division. Rivers is the logical pick because of his familiarity with the offense, and the pieces that make him comfortable on offense (great o-line, dual runningbacks along with Hines in a role that Rivers thrives on, good receivers as well as a big body possession type to throw to, strong tight end room.) The defense is what is going to win this team ball games. The offense just has to perform efficiently.
  15. One of my buddies growing up used to call him Hurt Jones to razz me and get under my skin. It worked. I punched him in the face
  16. Ok I'll ask: Is he a player currently on an active NFL roster?
  17. "Leonard ranked just behind the Seattle Seahawks Bobby Wagner, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Lavonte David, and Minnesota Vikings Eric Kendricks respectively." Rather decent company.
  18. "For perspective, Leonard is the only player in league history to record 250+ tackles, 10.0+ sacks, 5+ interceptions, and 5+ forced fumbles after his first two seasons in the NFL." Maniac.
  19. Doesn't help with virtually no organized team offseason either. Good thing Rivers is already familiar with the system. Will definitely help.
  20. Maybe. It may be a QB issue in that he is a new QB to the team and has lots of young inexperienced WR's. The offense will need to adjust to the drastic difference in play from JB to Rivers. I'm really not worried about the offense. The running game will be good and Rivers will do well.
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