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  1. Last week
  2. Everyone is jumping to conclusions. Wait for the MRI results. That will tell whether he needs to go on IR (I highly doubt he needs surgery on it though) or just a week or two rest and rehab. I really doubt he plays next Sunday, in any event. Hmmm... Nevertheless, the Colts need to take care of their own business, short handed or not.
  3. I was in an area woth bad cell reception, so couldnt keep up on here. Im sure it was a blast. My thoughts: AC injury hurt us big time, things changrd completely after that. TD at the end of half was huge too. We were way under manned today, just too many big injuries and players out to overcome. Refs did us no favors all game. Every big penalty seemed to go against us. I don't know how many times I saw the Titans players taunting our guys way after play. Not a single flag on it. Lets be real, when your are missing your 2 best DL and ano
  4. Well, I’m sure that option will be within the range of ones in front of the staff. I think it’s promising that they’ve rostered JE and cut ties with Kelly. That suggests some confidence and optimism. And maybe they’ll surprise everybody and conclude it’s the best option available. But I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the prospect of getting Darnold.
  5. Buckner played against Cleveland, Packers and Tennessee. Teams that r balanced. They look like crap
  6. It's a disappointing loss but time to move on. On to Houston, on to Houston, on to Houston
  7. And the reporters always asking frank the "nice" question after a tough loss.
  8. It really makes me mad to hear the after radio show guys always trying to sugarcoat things. It guess that's expected. there they're going to be homers, and not tell it how it really is.
  9. I am still waiting on the day when we have a consistent team who can go out and win 3 or 5 in a row. Hopefully we get this thing figured out in the future. This was just the worst game to have everything happen. We were just starting to come together. Unless you have a QB like Mahomes it’s hard to overcome all of the things we would of had to today.
  10. All Reich said was AC injury was not the worst scenario. If it’s not bad he could come back and play Sunday with a brace because of his position. If ravens lose to the Steelers we keep that 7th spot. If it gets cancelled a 8th team might be added.
  11. Really sucks because we got great games from Hines, Rivers, Burton, and even TY(!) but our slow start and missing players sunk us. We need our missing guys back pronto, and if we could see Campbell again sometime this year it would be nice
  12. Greeeaaat I agree. Move Braden to LT, place Green at RT, and sub Pinter in where necessary. We simply cannot keep putting Clark out there
  13. We can’t go on with Clark. We need to do something. Either move Braden to LT and let Green play RT. Someone said Nelson played tackle some too lol.
  14. Need to sign a veteran off a practice squad. Clark won't cut it. Very obvious.
  15. You are having a bad day all around it sounds like. I won my fantasy league the last 2 years but we didn't play this year. Our usual 12 people didn't want to do it due to Covid, etc.. It took me 5 years to finally win it all but I had Luck and Hopkins in 2018 and had Jackson last year. I was lucky.
  16. AC has a mcl sprain he might be gone for a month or more . that is as bad as losing buckner
  17. This year has proven absolutely nothing is normal or makes sense. It’s a difficult year for everyone not named the Steelers or Chiefs...
  18. At least we're still in the playoff picture for now.
  19. This does make me feel a little better, although now I’m depressed again because my fantasy opponent has Ryan lol Can’t catch a break today
  20. Raiders are losing 43-6 to Matt Ryan, any given Sunday. It could be worse. Imagine how Raiders fans feel with so much promise.
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