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  2. Thanks, I plan to. I truly believe that it's Philip's preference to return, but only if the Colts want him to. At his age & this stage of his career, he doesn't need to be a journeyman - he's done enough to get to Canton if he never takes another snap. He still has a passion for the game and I don't think he wants to retire while he still has something to offer, especially on a deep team like this with coaches that he's comfortable with. We should all know pretty soon.
  3. Good season boys. 1% better every day means better days ahead.
  4. This was a good and competitive game. Rivers gave it his best - no turnovers and 2TD. He brought the team back in the 4th qtr with a chance to win. A missed FG and a failed 4th down try was the difference in the game between a W and L. A good draft and a couple of FA signings and Colts will be back in the playoffs next year. We better hope that Rivers decides to come back and not retire. Starting all over again with a new QB will not be easy and all of the alternatives on the FA market would be a downgrade. If you think Watson is the answer look at his huge contract.
  5. because of the SPECIFIC GAME SITUATION there. they had a 10-7 lead and had all momentum. 3rd and goal from the 2. next 2 decisions cost them game momentum, which is huge in a 1 game playoff. if you are going to go for it then run it up the middle. since they called a weird pitch and lost yards... that takes out going for it on 4th and goal from the 4. too hard to convert that. you take another 3 when it keeps momentum on your side and builds the lead up to 6. even more so being on the road as the underdog. because teams score touchdowns all the time and miss PATs. you
  6. Wow...what a game. Have to say I was not expecting that from the Colts. Very impressive team. They definitely earned my respect today. The game was on a razor's edge all day it seemed and the Bills were not able to pull away like they have been for most of the 2nd half of the season. I'm not sure how you felt about Reich's aggressiveness in certain situations but to me it didn't make sense the way he was trying to play. His gameplan was working and the Colts were shortening the game by running just well enough for most of the first 3 quarters and then completing short
  7. Reich didn’t really use Taylor enough. Especially when we got down by the goal line. I put the blame more so on Reich than Taylor. We fell behind and Reich pretty much abandoned the run game like he always does.
  8. Serious question here: I see all kids of posts calling for us to get a new QB. Does anyone have any idea if Eason is still in the plans for the Colts future? I never hear anything about his progress or lack of same.
  9. I'd take Rivers back for 15 mil a season or let him walk.
  10. Turning over play calling would cause internal issues. I dont think that will fix it. What about clock management and poor challenge calls and sticking with vinny when he was done.
  11. I know that, but he's a better than average bridge.
  12. I think he called a good game, over agressive decisions, but I can live with that. We needed one more play, let's move on. The game should have ended on Paschal fumble anyway.
  13. I think Frank is a decent enough coach, especially for this team - he could be even better if he'd turn over playcalling duties to Nick Sirianni and focus on coaching the entire team, especially if we go into next season with a different DC.
  14. They already have one for next year, just need to re-sign him. You are delusional.
  15. Well folks, it's been quite a season! I sincerely hope Rivers is brought back and if so, I look forward to seeing how this team could perform with the guys we get back, and our rookies with a year of NFL experience under their belts.
  16. I always try to be upbeat and encourage positivity. Having said that, if I'm being honest, I did not expect us to win. I was hopeful, but didn't really expect it. It was a much better game than I'd expected. I thought Rivers played well. I thought Doyle was exceptional. Coach made a few questionable calls (surprise surprise) but overall I thought it was a good game, and we just came up short. A disappointing way to lose, not that there's ever a good loss, but we were competitive up til the end.
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