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  1. Yesterday
  2. We needed the raiders to lose because of the wildcard if we don’t win the division. Which they did. Dolphins, ravens, raiders all lost.
  3. Raiders lose. Chiefs pull it out, Raiders put a scare in them.
  4. I kinda want the Raiders to win - that would give the Chiefs 2 losses and would give Pittsburgh a little breathing room for the top seed and make them not so determined when they play us at season's end.
  5. I stood up real quick in my kitchen when Oke got burnt on that long pass late in regulation, and one of my stools around the prep table went flying... i was like.....
  6. I was on the verge of having to buy a new lamp I have in the living room. I swiped at it once when they won the toss in OT. Nothing broke luckily , I didn't have the Chuck Norris in me I guess
  7. I'm happy we got the W, but boy we sure made it hard on ourselves. Just no reason for a lot of that nonsense. I've been apologizing to my TVs for the last hour for cussing at them so much.
  8. My stomach was turning inside and out during all those holds and when Aaron got the ball in OT I couldn't even watch there for a minute. This win here shows me we can beat anyone. We played sloppy and had dumb penalties and still beat a very good team/great QB.
  9. Something that has gone unnoticed the last three games is I believe we have had over one hundred rushing yards each game. We are becoming more balanced. Rivers with 288 yards and three TD along with the 140 rushing yards will get us pretty far.
  10. Run the ball to force the use of the last timeout, then punt, as was the end result. I am using my head, but thanks for your misplaced insulting condescension.
  11. Reich basically confirmed that after the game. Hopefully Jacoby will pull it off. Most likely will happen when we plan on going for it on 4th down.
  12. Dolphins lost today too. Hopefully raiders lose. All in all not a bad thing the titans won since we won and play them next week. Puts ravens way behind in the WC.
  13. Frank is probably saving it, I agree, I have like it when Jacoby comes in on 3rd and 1 or 4th and 1. Other teams are aware of it so I bet one time Jacoby airs one out when nobody expects it
  14. Jacoby needs to come in on every third and one. Maybe once in awhile let him fake them out and throw it lol. There is still no reason to hold. If the play doesn’t go anywhere your in FG range.
  15. This is where Rivers being a statue helps. It would effect him more if he was mobile. Apparently it’s his toe and not his ankle. Maybe turf toe.
  16. Just run the ball and kick the field goal. Never should of come down to giving them the opportunity to hold. It would of ran the clock almost all the way down. Even if you don’t kick a FG they have hardly any time left. I hope we keep seeing Pittman improve. He is looking so good.
  17. Wouldn’t of been that close if we would of scored on some of those turnovers the first half and Reich didn’t get off on running on second and down. Taylor really had a coming out party the second half. Next week though should be Hines again until the titans prove they can stop him.
  18. I’m not talking about the holds, I’m talking about throwing the ball on first and third (and loonng) down when the opposing team has two timeouts and Aaron rodgers... The holding calls were an offense (Frank’s offense) that looked very undisciplined in that moment, and instead of taking a timeout with the clock stopped to cool them down and make sure they were in tune with the situation, he allowed them to damn near implode. Bad. Management. Period.
  19. That last offensive drive was such bad clock management. We are damn lucky. We could of run for 4 straight plays and bled the clock instead of giving them the opportunity to call those holds. Reich blames himself after the game for that.
  20. All my kids went running down the street of the neighborhood when kick went through. Lol.
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