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If You Were The Colts General Manager...



blog-0804395001325709294.jpgWow, isn’t it interesting how a 2-14 team is suddenly the TOPIC of the Season? You must have something to say and we want to hear it!

If you were the Colts GM...

  • * What would your first steps be?
  • * Who would you look to draft?
  • * What are your biggest concerns for the 2012 season?
  • * The topics are endless!

Blog your answer here on forums.colts.com and you'll be entered to win an autographed Reggie Wayne photo!

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Anyone who thinks the Colts should draft Andrew Luck should take a long look at he previous winning Super Bowl Qb's and they will see that there or more who weren't #1 overalls, then there were that are. And take a long look at the Colts since Peyton was drafted-1 championship. A great team and a very good Qb, is going to beat a very good team with a great Qb, ALMOST , every time. Thats what we need, a great team, not a great QB. The way to get that (great team) is to trade away that pick, cash in on what should be the biggest value for a #1 pick in 30 years and re stock. It's time to realize that one player can't win championships, what they will win , is alot of games. We have tried that, it doesn't work, everyone seems to want change, there it is.

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If I were GM I would follow the same blueprint that has made us a winning team. We have a Hall of Fame QB(I hope that we dont treat Peyton like greenbay treated Favre). We need too concentrate on getting a top caliber running back too take some of the load off of Peyton too lengthen his career. After a top quailty running back we need too replace some of the aging linemen with free agents. Peyton doesn't need rookies on the line that is why I would tap the freea gent pool. We have wide receivers no need there. I would soon get a kicker too learn under Vinateri. In 2 years I would get a QB to start learning under Peyton.

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The first thing I would do is look at what works well on our team and what doesn't and then build or cut from there. Peyton is a great qb but as has been stated he can't win alone. Look at the players and support that are actively making a positive impact on the team overall and keep them and then build on from there. The Colts are a team and it takes a team of great players to get the championships. I believe working on a larger defensive line is a great place to start. We know that ours is not the biggest and we do have weaknesses there. As for the draft, to be honest, I don't really have enough knowledge to have an opinion on that. As a team our biggest concern should be how to work together cohesively to bring home the wins. 2012 brings a fresh start for us and we can use the draft to build on what we have...there are tough decisions to be made and the new staff will have to be able to make those decisions for the good of the team. We have some really awesome members on our team ...Dallas, Reggie, Peyton, Jeff S, Pierre, Dwight, Antoine ...I could go on for a while lol...but we need to capitalize on the strengths of our team and cut the ones that don't contribute to our success and then add new players that hopefully can fill the gaps and help lead our team to victory!!

I bleed blue and I will support our team no matter what! But it will be nice when I can cheer and yell and hoop it up when we bring home the WINS!!

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colts gm blog.... if i were the gm i would take a long look at this team offense defense an go off that....i would start with the defense ooh man this is a big problem ...We cant stop the run for the years thats always been are problem ...so i guess i would look to fix that first , the offense will put up points we all know this , its preventing points that is the colts problem...then i would look at are freeagents wayne mathis... clark is owed money this year manning....mathis still has something in the tank i know he does but he not worth freeney money..wayne i just dont wanna get tied up to a long term deal with this guy he produces but age will catch up with him ...clark i think tamme can do just as good of a job i would sign tamme to a long term deal then trade clark ....if manning can play pay that man his money i dont wanna see manning in any other jersey but a colts jersey plus i think him and luck would gel and manning will help the kid be at his best ...ok if manning cant play i would still offer him a job as a qb coach or something in that nature...as for the draft simple round 1QB andrew luck round 2 Dt dontari poe round 3WR dwight jones round 4CB leonard johnson 5th round olb jelani jenkins 6th round rb/kr jeff demps 7th ot/g art forst .. break down luck is the future .. poe is massive and will eat space and is super strong it will take 2 blockers to block which will add pressure...dwight jones i dont know if he`ll be here but we definetly need a wide out here ..leonard johnson mark my words the best corner in the league ...jenkins fits are lb core.. jeff demps is a sporles type player we all seen what he did for brees and he`ll help in kr...art forst played very good this year hes a sleeper.. thanks for reading go colts for next year

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  • I hire Jeff Fisher
  • I let Peyton go to avoid the $28 million cap hit, letting him find a team to try to win a Super Bowl with in the next 2-3 years
  • I draft Luck
  • I start rebuilding the defense with two bigs in the middle and drop the Cover-2 "5 yard cushion" junk
  • I Ask Colts fans to bear with us for a couple years. And going forward, if Luck is all he's said to be, I don't ignore the rest of my team. Peyton should have won more Super Bowls here if some work had be done to the defense and special teams.

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First steps would to "Evaluate" the coaching staff, replace Caldwell if a stronger candidate is available. Resign veterans Mathis, Clark and Wayne.

Draft Luck, and prepare him to be the Colts QB of the future (See Aaron Rodgers experiment). If Manning returns to form, then the Colts will win one more Superbowl in the next 3 years. Address needs of DT, LB, Safety and OL with remaining draft picks.

Biggest concerns for 2012 would be: Manning's health, improving the defense so we can Stop the Run, getting back to being competitive and making a Super Bowl run and lowering beer prices at Lucus Oil. Go Colts.

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Greetings to all of my fellow Colts fans and Happy New Year! I'm praying that Mr. Peyton will be able to successfully recover and return as the amazing quarterback he is; however, contrary to the injury he's suffered and health wise, I think the franchise should consider drafting Mr. Luck in the upcoming draft. Most importantly, please DON'T trade Mr. Wayne. I'm a diehard fan of his and has followed his career since he played for UM. Miami, FL is my hometown and I would hate to see a great and talented player who has diligently played for the Colts in his NFL career. Furthermore, in 2012, I would like to see the Colts play at their fullest potential and become the NFL Champions that I know they are and I've seen them become. Be blessed!

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IF Peyton is expected to play again, I would keep Orlovsky, get rid of Painter, and invest a little more in the defense. We have an amazing offense (when the right leader is at QB). Orlovsky is showing signs of becoming something great, and with Peyton helping him out, he could take the team to the Super Bowl. I have always liked the strategy that this team has taken in finding talented players such as Saturday. Guys who have the talent and ambition that Saturday has, but has gone otherwise unnoticed, are destined to become great. So, I say stick with what has worked. Just because a player is in the draft, doesn't mean they will be great. Example: where is DJ Shockley? Or Ryan Leif? What if the Colts had ended up with Leif instead of Manning? If a new QB is drafted, it will take several years to put the team back to greatness.

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One more thing, hire Fisher, draft a safety, and when Peyton can't play anymore, hire him to be your offensive coordinator. He has to stay with the horseshoe. He has done a lot for the city of Indianapolis, and this team. Don't let him leave!

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  • Hire a proven, tested coach - Fischer obvious choice -CAN WE GET COWHER out of retirement??
  • OMG - can't stop the run. RECRUIT THE BIG CORN FED MIDWESTERN BOYS from NEBRASKA - defense, defense
  • KEEP PEYTON MANNING - if he is healthy (big question) we CAN'T make this change.
  • Take our AWESOME draft pick - we call it the fan's prize for enduring a TOTALLY DEPRESSING season, and get as many BIG, DEFENSIVE guys as possible, along with a good back-up quarterback that can train under PM :)
  • BYE to Painter, BYE to expressionless Caldwell, and BYE to Orlovslky. How about someone really hungry. I want TEBOW :)
  • This should just about do it.


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I would Hire Tony Dungy as the GM, Have Payton trane Luck and then become the offensive cooridinator. Hire Jeff fisher to turn the team around. There DONE SOLVED..

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First Step is hiring new Coach. I would target Jeff Fisher, he is a good defensive mind has high character and is humble enough to not try to over control the organization. Thus he would leave the offense alone and would not try to take over some or all of the GM responsibilities.

Step 2 is positioning for the draft. I would certainly look to trade down for the #1 pick. I would target a trade with the Browns. Multiple NFL insiders are projecting this pick could land 2 1st round picks and a 2nd round pick this year and a 1st round and 2nd round next year. Cleveland has the #4 pick plus Atlanta's 1st round pick this year (will be anywhere from 20th to 28th pick)

Now we would have 2 1st rd and 2 2nd rd picks this year and next, with 2 of the first rounds certinaly being top 10 and maybe both top 5.

FYI.. RG3 will be available at #4 Rams and Vikes both took "future QBs" recently in draft.

Step 3: Evaluate health of Peyton Manning. IF Peytong is healthy I cut him to avoid the $28M signing bonus negotiate with him to sign in the $12M / yr range under the agreement I will use the cap space to try and win now.

If he agrees:

I would resign Peyton

I would cut: Vinatieri, Collins, Bracket

This would allow me to resign within the Salary Cap:

Mathis ($8 to $10 M /yr -- 3yrs)

Wayne ($8 M / yr -- 3yrs)

Jamal Anderson ($1.5M / yr -- 2yrs)

Tyler Brayton ($1M / yr -- 2yrs)

Diem ($2M / yr -- 2yrs)

Garcon ($3.5M / yr --- 4yrs)

Lacey ($0.8M / yr -- 1yr)

Sims ($1M / yr -- 3yrs)

Tamme ($0.8M / yr -- 3yrs)

Pollack ($1M / yr -- 1yr)

Wheeler ($0.8M / yr -- 3yr)

#4 Pick ($5M/ yr -- 4yr)

~#24 Pick ($2M / yr -- 4yr)

Leaves ~ $8M for later Round picks and FAs

I would use the #4 pick on LSU CB Claiborne

I would use the #24 pick on Bama Safety Barron

I would use the #33 pick on either MSU DT Worthy or Dontari Poe DT from memphis.

I would use later picks to target OG, Kirk Cousins QB, LBs

The Defensive front 7 was better this last year than they have been in years. Yards per carry were down. total rushing yards did not show the full benefit because the Def was play ~ 15 more plays per game because Offense couldn't get 1st downs. The secondary was where our defense was really weak. This draft would firm up the SS spot weak since Bob starting getting hurt, immediately take CB as our biggest weakness and puts in a potential All Pro, and adds a 350lb 1st rd caliber DT.

On offense resigning Reggie and Pierre with Manning back immediately puts us back in the top 6 in the NFL in offense, plus run game was better last year the years past first time over 4yds/ carry in last 4 yrs.

With the currently weak AFC, onyl real contenders are Baltimore and Pittsburgh this would position us well for Superbowl runs in each of the next 3 yrs and still have the cap pretty clean in 2015 for rebuilding, not to mention you have 2 1st rd picks in 2013 to target a top 10 QB or long term replacement for freeney, and a later 1st rd pick to look for long term solution for Saturday or Wayne, and beyond Freeny and MAthis the Defense is very young now. And the O-line is much younger. I would build the 2015 and beyond Colts around the Def and O-line.

If Peyton does not accept the $12M / yr deal,

I would go into rebuild mode now:

I would look for a sign and trade if not available I would let him leave.

I would then look to trade Freeney

I would cut Vinatieri

I would cut Dallas

I would also cut Bracket. bullit, collins,

I would not resign Wayne

I would draft RG3 with the #4 pick

I would try to trade back into the top 12 with my #24 and #36 picks to take Kirkpatrick CB from Alabama

I would use my #33 pick on Barron S Bama or Worthy DT MSU, or Poe DT memphis.

I would focus the rest of my draft on OL and LB

I would then go after a top FA OT and/or WR, as cap is clean from the cuts above.

Then in 2013 I would focus

top 10 pick on DE or WR (unless Honey Badger is available then I take him)

other 1st rd pick on DE or WR

Focus 2nd Rd on OL

This solidifies the Defense with a lot of youth set for 3 to 5 yrs, with alot of rookie contracts (cap friendly)

This solidifies the OL with youth movement improves run game and protects RG3

Cleans up Cap immediately to play in Free Agency while making a significant youth movement in the core of the team

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If I were the Colts' GM:

I would treat Peyton Manning with the respect that he richly deserves. IF he is healthy, we pay him and do everything possible to give him the support he needs to be successfull for the rest of his career. If that means drafting Luck as him backup-in-training, ala Aaron Rogers, then that's what I do. I'm not sure today that Luck is the second coming of Peyton Manning. (or any other top-rated QB.) However, who would be better for a top notch young QB to learn from? Peyton has proven over the last several years that he is a superb on field coach.

Resigning Saturday seems an easy yes. Resigning Reggie is dependent on what he costs. He was a big proponent of using Painter, then didn't make a lot of catches that I think a premier receiver should have made.

I would replace myself with Tony Dungy. Tony clearly fits in well with the Colts' organization, and is a better talent assessor than I. I would release Caldwell and hire someone else. There were too many games this season where we were being wusses and losing. I would have strongly favored more aggressive action - if we are going to lose, let's at least try some things that might work. Taking a knee with a minute to go before halftime says we are afraid of making a mistake. I'm not sure who the someone else should be. I like Jeff Fisher, but would have to talk to him about the direction he would want to take the team before I am sold on him. I don't think Cowher is a good fit for the Colts, but again, I would want to talk to him. Maybe we look at the college ranks and find a coach who has a style offense that would work with our basic team makeup, and then draft to fill in as necessary. I don't think it is imperative that we have a "name" coach - just a good one.

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If I were GM there would be a lot of changes. First get rid of Cadwell or demote him but I would not leave him at HC. Then I trade joesph because he isnt that great. He's good at blocking but everytime he gets touched he falls down and he always cuts back. I would not draft Luck but get a great secondary player because once bracket comes back we'll have kavell conner and pat on the outside plus gary in the middle so our lbs will be sick. Once Drake Nevis comes back we see what he can do because he was a monster in the preseason. Trust in mellvin bullit for one more year and hope he dosent get injured. For the back up QB situation pay top dollar for Matt Flynn or trade for TJ Yates. For the coaching job get Jack Delrio becasue he coached in the AFC South. Thats what i would do if I were GM

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If I were the Colts GM:

First: Hire a new coach... preferably a defensive minded coach with a rolodex of coaches he can bring in with him. One caveat: If Peyton is healthy, keep the current OC.

2nd: If Peyton is healthy, trade the 1st overall pick for at least 5 picks, including this year's and nexts first, 2 second rounders and a 3rd. Preferably all in the12&13 drafts. Using the 7 first and second rounders in the two years to get 1) a WR taller than 6'1" (Preferably Alshon Jeffrey in this draft), an OG, a DT, a CB, a Safety, an OT and a DE. Use this year's 3rd-5th rounder to pick a QB of the future (Kellen Moore is projected in the 6th-7th round) Use the rest of the 3rd-7th rounder to draft speed and depth in the lines.

If Peyton is not healthy, just draft Luck and the best availbable WR with the first two picks. Bolster the lines and D-backs with the rest of the picks for the next two years. Gonna suck for a couple of years, anyway, might as well build the trenches to grow together.

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If I was a GM, I would have left everything the way it was exept my first round pick, I would have traded that pick to other teams that need a quaterback, and are willing to give up some of there free agents. The question still remains. How much is Andrew Luck worth to a team who needs a quaterback slot filled in? I trade my pick, and build around Payton Manning, and Dwight Freeney/ Mathis. Everyone knows that before Payton had his surgery he was the man, and he is back. Just ask yourself one question; does Payton Manning have 5 years left on him. "I say Heck Ya." And in those 5 years a lot can happen; like another top quarterback prospect will come along just like they do every year. I cannot stress it enough that the Media including the once who are suck up by the Marketing of players take one player, and blow him up to be this once in a lifetime opportunity, and everyone falls into that mentally. NO one knows if Andrew Luck will even be good in the NFL, this is not College, these guys are Pros. Perfect example "Matt Lenard." and "Mark Sanchez." I mean especially Mark Sanchez. The Market invested heavily in him, and still does, and yet he will never be good. If you watch him play, he cannot read a Defense. Another Perfect example would be our favorite guy: Micheal Vick. He admitted that till this day he still cannot read a defense, and depends heavily on his running ability. I am not saying that is not a good thing, but I will not ever make him more than what he is. IF WE BUILD A POWER HOUSE AROUND PAYTON MANNING LIKE THEY DID FOR JOHN ELWAY WE CAN BE BACK AT THE SUPERBOLW SPOT IN THE NEXT FIVE YEARS AT LEAST 2 MORE TIMES, AND TO ME THAT IS A WISER INVESTMENT THAN GAMBLING ON A PROSPECT. BECAUSE MORE PROSPECTS WILL COME EVERY YEAR PROBABLY EVEN BETTER THEN Adrew Luck. Look what happen to the Denver Broncs they became a legacy like the Cowboys, Steelers, and Patriots who all hold back to back titles withing 5 years.

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Well, this is certainly not an easy task. I think one of the first steps I'd take as GM is fire Jim Caldwell (or offer him a different position) and look at coaches who have the mindset and motivation to improve our team. I'd give a call to Tony Dungy and beg him to come back. I'd maybe see if Rodney Harrison wants to consult. I'd call Wade Phillips because he's done a great job turning around the Texans. Bill Cowher expressed interest in the past about having the opportunity to coach a winning franchise and groom a talented rookie QB, so, I'd put a call out to him to see how he would feel about being a coach with a #1 draft pick? I'd also want to talk to Peyton as often as possible and build the relationship, see how he is health-wise and probably buy him, and the team a welcome gift to celebrate a new winning season. Then I'd have to talk to my guys, Reggie Wayne and beg him to stay. Then I'd have to talk to Jeff Saturday and see what his intentions are, I'd beg him to stay and play or #2 offer him an organizational position - either way, I want my core guys to return. I'd listen to wisdom and sound advice about what to do with our #1 pick and evaluate what areas we need to improve upon. What choices will improve the team for 2012 and the next ten years. I admire how the Packers groomed Rodgers, so there is a possibility to draft either Luck or Griffin. We seriously need to improve our pass protection, running game. special teams and defense - but I also think 60% of the improvement lies within strategy! Because our team has a good group of athletes. I think a wise, balanced choice is the key to immediate success. My heart is leaning toward drafting a talented QB and giving Peyton and Company what they want and need to make the playoffs in 2012. It's a tough job but I have faith that the right decisions will be made and I know we will continue with our winning ways. All in all, this season was karmic, just as karma brought us Peyton, this season was not a waste, it will push us forward toward more victories and another Super Bowl win soon!!!!!

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We should keep Manning. Need to also think about the future of the team. Maybe Luck, maybe not. What about adopting a coaching strategy that doesn't always take the safe course? Risk takers win games! Look at the Saints Superbowl win with an onside kick to start the second half!

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Greetings to all of my fellow Colts fans and Happy New Year! I'm praying that Mr. Peyton will be able to successfully recover and return as the amazing quarterback he is; however, contrary to the injury he's suffered and health wise, I think the franchise should consider drafting Mr. Luck in the upcoming draft. Most importantly, please DON'T trade Mr. Wayne. I'm a diehard fan of his and has followed his career since he played for UM. Miami, FL is my hometown and I would hate to see a great and talented player who has diligently played for the Colts in his NFL career. Furthermore, in 2012, I would like to see the Colts play at their fullest potential and become the NFL Champions that I know they are and I've seen them become. Be blessed!

How can you sit there and love the Colts, and want Payton Manning to get traded, are you kidding me. Loving the Colts is Loving Payton Manning. What do you want for them to trade him to another Power House that would love- just love to see him there in their team, and then that team with Payton Manning as the lead come over and whom and the Colts are you kidding me. There is no way I want to confront Manning until his career is over, and his statue is put up in from of Lucas Oil Stadium. Because you freaking know that he wants to play ball, and he is going to play at the start position until he...., is ready to retire. So if he doesn't play for the Colts he will play for another team, and let me tell you, he is not dumb either, he will play for another power house that needs him and gives him the chance to win. Forget Andrew Luck, WE WANT PAYTON, WE WANT PAYTON, WE WANT PAYTON.

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  • I hire Jeff Fisher
  • I let Peyton go to avoid the $28 million cap hit, letting him find a team to try to win a Super Bowl with in the next 2-3 years
  • I draft Luck
  • I start rebuilding the defense with two bigs in the middle and drop the Cover-2 "5 yard cushion" junk
  • I Ask Colts fans to bear with us for a couple years. And going forward, if Luck is all he's said to be, I don't ignore the rest of my team. Peyton should have won more Super Bowls here if some work had be done to the defense and special teams.

Man your are dumb. How can you sit there and say Payton is not worth that 28 million dollar salary, they pay it to Tom Brady, and his teamates, fans, and coches are not complaning. Your a joke man, and your a Manning Hater. What you don't like to win.

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As the new GM I am moving as quickly as possible to find a GM with a fair amount of business savvy and a stable full of football knowledge. This person's number one skill will be the ability to surround themselves with a great staff. I will work quickly with this person to get the type of coaches I want leading my team, and they will have an unmatched passion for the game. I want him/her to have a similar vision of the direction I plan to take the team schematically. With or without Manning and/or Luck I want a team built around an elite QB that has tall, strong and fast WR's to throw the ball to. I'm talking about 4.3 speed guys that are at least 6'3" tall and weigh in at 215 lbs plus. I don't want CB's to be able to jam or reroute them, and they need big ups and good hands so they can go after the high back shoulder passes my elite QB will be throwing to them. My GM will also need to find me a basketball player type of TE or two that runs great routes, is smart, and can pick up any blitzing DE or LB. I want my QB protected by huge fast guards and tackles with good foot work and hands skills. Also, every player on offense without the ball in his hands blocks to the whistle. I need depth players that start anywhere else but don't want to leave because they are supremely confident that they will earn a starting spot on my team.

Defensively, we will look similar to the current Colts team but will be very different. We will still be considered small and we will continue to use speed to make plays, but we will not be a defense that is characterized by one scheme or type of defense. A four three defense will be the base but I want to be able to get after QB's with just 3 down linemen. My DE's won't be expected to kill themselves every down trying to get up field and after the QB because I want to see LB's coming through the middle against QB's you have to move out of the pocket. I will sign at least one LB that scares H E double hockey sticks out of QB's and ball carriers to get that type of pass rush. Cover and Tampa two defenses will be used on a very limited basis because our corners and safeties will be expected to play man at a very high level. I will also need more defensive players on my bench than offense because defense is largely about being fresh, where offense is about timing, continuity and familiarity.

I will also be looking for a completely new attitude about special teams. Opponents will have a tough choice on fourth down because our special teams will be a special threat of speed and creative blocking schemes, and if their kicker can not get it out of the endzone he may as well kick it out of bounds. My team will also have only one guy handling all of the kicking duties at a price in line with a player that may only get on the field for a dozen plays or so each week. He have one now that can kick the cover off of it, and I think actually enjoys contact with opposing players.

One other thing that concerns me very deeply going forward is the strength and conditioning of all our players. No more seasons of 15 plus players on the injured reserve list. I am no medical expert but, the high number of players that the Colts have lost to injury, seemingly year after year, can not be coincidence. This team has to find a staff that can find the perfect mix of strength training, flexibility and rest needed to keep every player ready from the first preseason game to the raising of the Lombardi.

Finally for our fans and sponsors, character means everything in my organization, and a lack of it is a deal breaker every time. It is about the brand and being an organization that sponsors are proud to endorse, but even more importantly are the fans, especially the young ones looking up to their football heroes. Those people in the stands do not shell out hard earned money to watch high paid professionals act unprofessionally, on or off the field. When my players sign contracts they represent the organization 24/7, and they will keep that in mind as they make decisions about their actions, behavior and associations.

Go Colts, Randall Thompson

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