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Parks and Recreation” this Thursday, Jan. 17 at 8:30pm (NBC) will feature Reggie Wayne, Andrew Luck and Jim Irsay



blog-0371558001358178631.jpgWow, what a difference a year makes.......

Remember last January when Rob Lowe sparked internet mayhem by tweeting that Peyton Manning was going to retire?

Almost a year to the day, Rob Lowe will appear with Andrew Luck, Reggie Wayne and Jim Irsay on an episode of Parks and Recreation.

This is Mac's chance to watch the show. I seem to recall he never heard of it.

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LOL   I've never watched it, but that doesn't mean I've never heard of it. Hard to miss the commercials. 


You might be thinking of when I was complaining because the winning quote from a contest referenced a movie that was seen by approximately three people - two of whom apparently were judging the entries here. :)


I might check it out - thanks for the heads-up.

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