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If I Where The Colts Gm



If I were the Colts GM the first thing I would do is try and lure either Brian Gardener or Bobby Greir from the Texans to my staff, they are the Director and Vice Director of Player Personnel for the Houston Texans. I know that may sound crazy to look to the organization that we have owned in the past to help build our future but the truth is they are stacked at every position. Granted they have drafted at the top of the draft for years but they haven't seemed to miss since David Carr. Their handling of free agency has been a success as well, the signing of CB Joseph Jefferson was I think the best FA signing of the year last year. The Texans are one of the most talented and well put together teams in the league and I think either one of those guys could help us going forward.

Other priorities are as follows:

1. Either secure a new head coach or Steve Spagnuolo as DC and Asst. HC.

2. If Caldwell is retained a proven o-line coach and special teams coach is a must.

3. Renegotiate Mannings contract.

4. Cut, trade, or renegotiate with Addai (his next broken tackle will be his first), Clark, Brackett (sorry Gary), Bullitt(never should have been resigned my 4th grader takes better angles + he was hurt), and Painter. I know most of these moves will carry salary cap ramifications but we need to get better and younger fast.

5. Cut Linkenbach, Caldwell, Thomas, Moala, Johnson, Pollock, and Hughes. they just aren't competitive.

6. Resign Garcon and Mathis.

7. Fill as many holes as you can in Free agency RT,C,CB,S,DT. This is why Polian got fired not 18 getting hurt.

8. Draft Luck and the best players available at whatever position.

We are old and devoid of talent. We need a center, 2 starting guards, right tackle, young fast TE, CB, S, DT, depth at LB, and a young bigger feature RB. This is the reason Mr. Polian was fired.


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