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Jay Gillespie


First line of business would be to hire a new defensive coordinator and special teams coordinator. Caldwell would keep his job based off his relationship with manning and his willingness to allow Manning g his offensive freedom. Bringing in a new coach could disrupt Manning's freedom on the field and in practices.

A defensive coach with a more aggressive attitude would've found. I would look for a special teams coach with special teams onfield experience whom can help kick returnees identify when to run when fair catch the ball. Tressel would be brought down to help Caldwell with coaching decisions.

Reggie Wayne would be released, unless wants to take a small short contract.

Manning's contract is reworked to keep Mathis and sign a rookie or cheap reciever. If manning retires then we hire him as offensive coordinator, no price too high for him here.


1. Andrew luck - the talent is there. Promised only one year as sitting backup, with the second year promised minimum starting half the games if manning is kept beyond year one.

2. CB, our corners are horrible.

3. Safety, someone durable with good instincts.

4. CB, yes another but really they are horrible.

5. WR, tall route runner. We need someone who can take the ball out of the air.

6. TE, we all know that when manning goes so does Clark, Saturday, and probably addai.

7. Trade rest of picks for next years draft.

Next years draft focus on a center, te, diem replacement, and de.

Have luck focus on how peyton leads practices and his game footage preperation. This is a all out year for manning and a year for luck to learn NFL defense formations and how to disect them perfectly.

Luck would only be brought in to play when a 17 point lead is had and the opposing team is pretty weak.

The following year manning would be given a few options.

A. Return while allowing luck to start half the games.

B. Be traded to the team of his choice outside the arc south.

C. Retire and become hc or offensive coordinator.

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Probably not but at least he would be given the choice. If you were to wait out Mannings career before rebuilding you would be left with soo many holes. Once he retires expect several others to retire at the same time (Saturday, Wayne, Clark, Freeney, Bracket, Addai, etc.) You would be left with a ton of holes. Now watching Mannning and co. play together for the next 3-4 years would be absolutely Amazing and fun for a huge fan as myself but a GM and owner want to be good for the next decade. If you have really watched a few of Stanfards games this year then you cannot deny how much talent Luck has. Luck is able to identify defensive coverage, able to change plays at the line, amazing pocket presence, ability to throw all types of passes (short touch, fast bullets, over the shoulder from all distances, long high passes, etc.), respect from his teammates, and great work ethic. Now you never know what is going to happen but he has all the weapons to be the next Manning. His abilities and character are exactly like Mannings. He is the player that everyone knows is going to come along after someone has changed the way a sport is played such as Manning did. If fullfills his potential he will never be though of as good as Manning because he didn't do it first but he might be more successful winning superbowls.

Anyways, I am writing this as what I think is going to happen and what you have to do if you want to keep on being one of the most dominant teams in the nfl for the next 15+ years. I truely want to have my cake and eat it too, I would love to keep Manning through the rest of his career and have Luck too but thats not going to happen for more then a year or two before things would get ugly. The only way I see it going for 2 plus years is if Manning wins the Superbowl the next 2 years.

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