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From: Jabin Sambrano: Will he Make the Team?



*A quick article I put together, haven't been on the forum much, been way too busy lately...hope you guys enjoy this*

Colts undrafted free agent Jabin Sambrano has been stellar in his short time with the Colts. Does he have a chance at making the 53 man roster?

One of the storylines that has surprised many including myself has been the play of Jabin Sambrano. Sambrano was a undrafted free agent, and was really expected to be a camp body. Well, that wasn't the case.

At the 3 day rookie minicamp, all eyes were on Andrew Luck, with some on Coby Fleener and Dwayne Allen. No one was watching Sambrano, but he quietly emerged as the best receiver during that minicamp. His routes were crisp, he looked fast and he didn't drop any passes. He even impressed Andrew saying:

"[Jabin] looked great out there."

Then they went to the full team minicamp, where he would be playing with Reggie Wayne, and Austin Collie. He didn't back them, and arguably was the most impressive out of the 3 of them. Reggie and Austin looked solid, but Jabin's work ethic and explosiveness stole the show. People would be asking eachother: "Who's that number 85?" or "Are you sure Pierre Garcon is not with the Colts?" He's been generating a lot of talk.

Now, is he good enough to make the roster? Even though he looked really impressive in the 2 minicamps, it doesn't mean he'll make the team. 2 minicamps aren't enough to make the team. He has to show consistency, and with training camp coming up in a few weeks, that's where he'll have to shine the brighest, and maintain his consistency. If he could shine their, he'll definitely make the roster going into the preseason, where again he'll have to shine.

Because he's an undrafted rookie free agent, he's at a disadvantage to the other guys like Reggie, Austin, or Donnie. He's lucky that TY Hilton and Lavon Brazill are rookies too. He has to work double what every else does, just to have a chance at making the team.

Needless to say, he's been great, and I rather have a hard working guy less talented guy than a skilled slacker. Jabin Sambrano is a great story and personally, I hope he makes the team. Now the answer to my question: Will he make the team? As of right now, NO, but if he has an impressive training camp and a solid preseason, he'll probably make the practice squad and be the first guy called up if an injury happens.

Source: Jabin Sambrano: Will he Make the Team?


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