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Luck Growing On Me



When the offseason began I kept an open mind to the tough decisions and moves the Colts were making. All the Andrew Luck talk kind of stung a little bit because of the man he would be replacing, Peyton Manning, in my mind and many others the greatest QB to ever play the game. But as it is playing out and the direction things are headed its easy to understand why Jim Irsay in particular was so high on this kid, enough so to decide to move on from such a great ride this past decade. If anything and nothing else, the Colts have learned how to win and be winners and not a "W" on the schedule for opposing teams like the pre-Peyton years I still remember. I dont think the past decade will turn out to be just a short win cycle like so many other teams had in the past. Look at the Bills,Buccaneers,Titans,and Cardinals just to mention a few. Teams with years of losing, 3-4 good years and then more just plain bad. The Colts have a chance to get to the top and stay there for many more years to come now, changing in defensive philosophy and becoming more balanced on offense. This is what, IMO, will make the difference from winning lots of regular season games to also bringing home the trophies. Like I mentioned before, after seeing more interviews of Andrew Luck, he`s just really growing on me. I love his attitude and demeanor. He seems very down to earth, always welcoming improvement yet confident in his abilities which seem endless. Its only the beginning and right now its all speculation and he hasnt played a single down in a regular season game but he sure is off to a great start which is pretty darned exciting! If his play is as great as his leadership seems to be, along with a run game and a consistently solid defense then we Colts fans are in for another great ride! Go Colts!!

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I agree, it is an exciting time. Maybe not this year but I think for sure this year we will see some things we will like

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Nice post, I look to within 4 years have a top 10 defense and top 10 offense. Hoping if everything works out we have our TE's of the future as well, pic up some great WR's soon hopefully and linemen to make the offense great again.

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Back when we were still on ColtsDirect, I was really having a bad feeling about Luck and what I perceived as an attitude especially when being asked about his willingness to back up HOF QB Peyton Manning.

I even went so far as to say "send Luck to the Browns" and see how he likes the 20 below wind chills off of Lake Erie.

I feel now I was totally wrong, and we have the best young QB since our beloved number 18. Good Luck Andrew, and I totally agree SOMDCfan.

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I had read the same thing Brent and it had me a little worried. Like I said I tried to keep an open mind, plus being spoiled with Peyton`s professionalism on and off the field it just magnified it. But every interview I see gives more reason to like the kid and I believe he is genuine in his remarks. Time will tell but I think he`s going to be something special

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I am excited also about the future possibilities - Luck sure looks like the real deal - but still have to see how his game translates to the NFL. If Luck is as good as advertised, and the new coaching staff can improve the defense and special teams, the Colts could once again be the team to beat in the AFC.

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