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Grigson news conference



Sure most of you have seen and heard this.; Enjoyed listening to him, he is very precise and articulate. Much easier to listen to than Irsay, I like Irsay but his speaking skills leave something to be deisred. Great football mind but not a speaker, he should keep Grigson out in front as the team spokesman.



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As long as Irsay's making right decisions, I don't care his speaking skills, however its a hard staff to holding a presser and talking to media. Perhaps he should take some speech-lessons, or stay at Twitter.

Grigson's improved in that matter, since he came here. But what was that hoodie?

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I liked the hoodie, gave a more relaxed and one with the players look. Sure he will be all dressed up and spiffy on draft day.

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As long as it is not a holey hoodie like Belisnears? I love my grey hoodie...I look much better than Bill. :)

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Grigson seemed very relaxed and loose anyway. I think, he is happy with free agency, and seemingly they have plan for Draft too. I mean, they could name all the players they are going to take with each pick (incl. Mr. Irrelevant), if they wanted.

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Anything is a vast improvement over Irsay's "And Um's" IMO.

Grigson knows what he wants tough guys with a tremendous work ethic that love the game plain & simple.

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