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Dallas Clark, other Colts FA



Hey all,

I was just wondering if anyone had any news or updates on Dallas Clark, Gary Brackett, or Joseph Addai. I am new to the blogs and figured people on here regularly might be able to tell me something. I have heard rumors of retirement for each of them, but am not sure whats happening with them. Anything is of great help.


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So far there has been no word posted here or any of the sites I have logged in. Welcome to the blogs and posts. Wouldn't be surprised to see Clark retire, others don't think they want to. Think Brackett failed physical which would hamper, others lots of injuries. Injuries hurting Bullitt as well.

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Also meant to add that I log into ESPN and check the FA tracker regularly. You can sort it to Old Team for Colts and shows every free agents status, doesn't give any info on them. Can sort by new team for Colts and shows who they have acquired.

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As far as I know, Bullit, Bracket, Addai and Clark are still unemployed. NB Bullit and Brackett are still injured, and I think Dallas Clark too. If they don't get healthy soon, their career as footballer might be over. Addai's performance apparently wasn't convincing to anyone.

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I had not heard this Coltman51.....but as we said all year, Clark did get 'blasted' at the line of scrimmage and could not catch a cold. A true shame!!

Welcome ackoeber92!!

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