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If We Draft Luck, Who Comes Next?



Yeah, Yeah, I know I am a little late to post a mock draft but what is one more... Right? Any way it looks like Luck will be our QB, I have given into that but who comes next? Over the past couple weeks I have been putting together scouting reports and just last night I finished the mock draft. So let me know if you like it or not. I put a lot of time into this so please no hating :)

Indianapolis Colts Needs:

I broke it up into major and minor needs. Major needs are needs that we don't have an apparent starter for or many people competing for that starting spot. Minor needs are postions without depth.

Major Needs: QB, RG, Will (Weak side LB), CB,

Minor Needs: RB, C, LG, LT, RT, Mike (Middle LB), Sam (Strong side LB), TE

Obviously not all of these can be fixed through the draft so I put highest priority first.

Here it is, I also added a little support to go along with each of the picks:

Round 1 Pick 1: Andrew Luck - QB - Standford


-We obviously don't have a starting QB



-not afraid of contact (see video below)

-Great Athleticism


-leaves pocket early

-Arm Strength?

Do I really need to explain this pick? I am going to assume you all understand why I chose him.

Round 2 Pick 2: Kevin Zeitler - OG - Wisconsin




-Ability to pull effectively (move down across the line to make a block)


-Minor History of Injuries

-Ducks head at times

-Technique only adequate

Zeitler has no problem being a pulling guard. He can move down to 2nd level defenders on running plays as well. His form definently needs to be improved. He needs to learn to not duck his head. Past injuries could be a problem but that is not likely. He has room for improvement.

Round 3 Pick 1: Ronnell Lewis - OLB - Oklahoma



-Can play in any defensive scheme




-Not quick

-Academic Problems

Overall he is a good third round pick. He played and still can play both DE and OLB which enables him to fit in to any defensive scheme, including a 4-3 and a 3-4. But his maturity and academic problems hurt his draft stock. His lack of quickness also hurts him. But his natural strength will give him an advantage. I see him playing as an OLB.

Round 4 Pick 2: Dwight Bentley - CB - Lousiana - Lafayette


-Natural Coverage Skills




-Low Vertical

He has the basic abilities to be an NFL CB but he lacks some skills to make him a great one. His vertical is low, which is not good going against a star WR. Especially a fade route in the back of the endzone. He is tall, which makes his vertical look even smaller. He needs to improve that to compete. Overall he does have potential but he has a lot of room for improvement.

Round 5 Pick 1: Shaun Prater - CB - Iowa


-Good Ball Skills


-Can contribute on run support

-Aware Defender

-Good tackling technique


-Can struggle in zone coverages

-Will struggle against veteran QBs his first few years in the NFL

I have two CBs being picked for the Colts 4th and 5th round picks to fill the big hole in the secondary. They never fully addressed this issue in free agency, except when they signed Terrence Johnson. These two guys will provide depth and be able to contribute on special teams until they are able to compete for the starting job.

Round 5 Pick 35 (Compensatory): Audie Cole - ILB - North Carolina State


-Pass Defense

-Coverage Skills

-Attacks line of scrimmage



-Needs to improve pass rush significantly

-Underestimates ball carriers athleticism

Cole could fill the 2nd String MLB Position behind Angerer. There are plenty of reasons to doubt his ability to play in the NFL. After he works out the rookie mistakes he will with out a doubt make, he could be a decent player.

Round 6 Pick 37(Compensatory): James Hanna - TE - Oklahoma



-Gives the Colts a "passing TE"



-Inexperience - not as much playing time in college as others

James Hanna would give the Colts the "Passing TE" they had in Dallas Clark and Jacob Tamme. The big "Blocking TE" will be Broodie Eldridge He could also provide depth behind Eldridge and another option in some passing packages.

Round 7 Pick 1: Adonis Thomas - RB - Toledo


-Balanced Runner(power and speed)

-Good Stop/Start ability

-Makes defenders miss


-Needs time to develop

-Lacks size


-No special teams experience

He gives a little more depth at RB behind Brown and Carter. Possibly a sleeper if he is given time to develop.

Round 7 Pick 17 (From NYJ) : Garth Gerhart - C - Arizona State


-Quick Feet


-Good Collegiate Experience


-Lacks Size and Strength

-Limited Range

-Struggles Athletically

His durability would make him an ideal long term backup option. He would struggle on the field so 2nd or 3rd string is where he would find himself.

Round 7 Pick 46(Compensatory): Derrick Coleman - RB - UCLA

Not much to say about him. He would add some competition for a roster spot as a RB/FB and competition is always good.

Well that's it. Let me know what you think. I might post an updated version if I feel that I need to change something.


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