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Is LeBron James being too sensitive over what the word posse literally means?



I've heard a number of sports analysts talk about what Phil Jackson said recently regarding LeBron James reaction to the use of the word "Posse" & whether or not the use of that word in relation to LeBron's business friends in his inner circle means that Jackson is now a racist in this 3 time NBA Champion's eyes. To me, posse has no negative, derogatory connotation to it historically speaking. It's not the equivalent of saying using the N word at all. Let's examine how the term is defined in the dictionary shall we...


Posse: 1. A group of people who were gathered together by a local sheriff in the wild west to help search for a criminal or somebody on the run. 2. A search party. 3. A select group of friends, associates, or a traveling entourage that has your back no matter what regardless of the situation at hand. A posse according to these definitions makes no distinctions for race or even gender correct? 


Did you ever see the Clint Eastwood movie "Pale Rider" released by Warner Brothers Studios in 1985? That to me is what a posse more closely represents in the context of human history. A rich business tycoon who pays a gang of mercenaries to murder legal settlers for their property so that the wealthy man can steal their gold & line his own pockets accumulating greater personal fortune at the expense of any man's bloodshed without having to get his own hands dirty. Technically, this version of a posse that sells their services to the highest bidder speaks more to corruption than in your face discrimination. 


Here is a clip I saw on "Undisputed" yesterday discussing this controversy...




From my vantage point, all Phil Jackson was really saying is that LeBron can't surround himself with friends who handle all your daily duties for you because part of growing up is dealing with your own obligations entirely on your own & a fleet of yes men around you tends to keep superstar athletes in a bubble, which isn't always a good thing in the long run. I'm not referring to a personal assistant or 2 here. I just mean that a bunch of childhood friends now handsomely paid to solve problems for you at every turn can be a hinderance down the road. Phil Jackson never attacked LeBron's skills on the court, his intelligence, or claimed that his business partners were up to no good. 


I like what Joy, the moderator on Undisputed said in reference to this discussion...




The term posse is not a racist term at all & LeBron needs to lighten up & realize that in the grand scheme of things his friction with Jackson is a complete waste of his time & energy moving forward. I was born with a disability called Cerebral Palsy & I am not fond of the word crippled when describing my condition. Now, if somebody uses that term in my presence do I ridicule them loudly for using that word? No, I take into account how old they are, when they grew up, & I politely encourage them not to use crippled when describing people in wheelchairs or individuals using forearm crutches or prosthetic limbs. I don't blow up at them or assume they are being viciously cruel on purpose. LeBron  James is way off base claiming Phil Jackson is a racist in my opinion simply because he referred to his business partners as a posse. 


Posse usually refers to a group of friends who hang out together & enjoy each other's company. How in the word is that a racist phenomenon? Okay, it can refer to a security detail that protects a celebrity from harm in the public sure. But again LeBron, how is that racist? It's not. Have you ever seen the 1993 film 'Posse' directed by a black man named Mario Van Peebles? Is he racially insensitive too? Just curious. 



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It's LeBron being LeBron. I have never been a fan of his for many reasons. He looks like a decent family man and takes great care of his kids + has never been in trouble with the law so I respect him for that - he is also a Great Basketball player, best today.  Having said that his ego is outrageous, he left Cleveland in his prime because he couldn't win a Championship. Peyton Manning for example never thought about leaving Indy because he couldn't win for years against the Pats and Steelers in the Playoffs. Peyton stayed in Indy and won the SB. LeBron took the easy way out and went to Miami dead smack in his prime to join Wade and Bosh so he would be guaranteed at least 1 Championship. I just will never get over that because players like Magic, Bird, Jordan, and Kobe would never do that. He also left Miami to go back to Cleveland once he realized Wade and Bosh weren't what they were after the Spurs embarrassed the Heat in 2014. He had Irving in Cleveland who anyone can see is a younger version of Wade for major help to try and patch things up in Cleveland for leaving and win that city a Championship. He also seems to get upset over the silliest stuff, like the word POSSE. I personally think he just doesn't like Phil Jackson because Phil thinks Jordan and Kobe were better players than he is. To show I am not totally a LeBron hater I have him in my Top 10 players ever list. I take pride in my lists so that is just common sense. I don't think he is better than Jordan, Magic, Bird, or Kobe though. I have seen all of them first hand and have watched most of those players games. You cant put LeBron ahead of Kareem or Shaq either IMO. Kareem and Shaq were so dominant at the Center position that if there was an all-time Draft, if someone took them 1 and 2 I wouldn't blame them.

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