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If I Were The Colts Gm...



I have been a Colts fan since the day I was born. As a Maryland native, the Colts were my home team, and to me they always will be. I am blue and true until the day I die. I rise and fall with this team every year and have since I understood the game of football. Having said that, I guess it's apparent that with anyone that follows a sports team so intensely it's only natural for them to have their own thoughts, views, and opinions. And if I were in position to pull the strings as the Colts GM, there are several topics that need to be addressed this off-season.

First off, I wiould have to make a decision about Jim Caldwell. The guy has a strong, consistent character, the players stand behind him, he has integrity, and he follows the first rule of leadership; Anything that goes wrong is your fault. Those are all rare qualities to find in someone, especially collective. I would have to keep him on staff. Even if it were in a lesser role, providing he would be willing to step down of coarse. Next, I would take a real hard look at who actually deserves their position among the coaching staff. Right off hand, I would say there are a number of homegrown coaches we have that are excellent at what they do. Mike Murphy come to mind. Retain those who are willing to adapt to the new direction of not just the team, but the entire league.

The next area that needs to be addressed is the salary cap dilema and where to relieve some much needed money. Dwight Freeney would need to follow suit and sign a new cap friendly deal in order to retain the services of his counter-part and fellow book-end, Robert Mathis. Next is Gary Brackett. With the emergence of Pat Angerer, Gary is no longer in a position to earn what he's getting paid. Take less money and a back-up role or be cut. Bullitt has to go, he just cannot be counted on from a health stand point. And then... Reggie! Reggie! Reggie! Aside from the Super Bowl 44 pick six when Reggie Wayne obviously quit on his route, he's been nothing short of amazing for this team. He's always there, he knows the system, and he's a team 1st guy. Most receivers of his status would've thrown tantrums galor in a season like the one we just faced. He's a class act and deserves to finish his career here as long as his asking price is reasonable.

And last, but certainly not least...the draft. I'm sorry if you don't want to here this, but there would be no Andrew Luck in Indy. I would talk this kid up to high heavens then trade the rights to draft him; preferably to a team with a top 5 pick, we still want to get top quality talent. The Luck trade would garner multiple picks; probably two 1st rounders, a 2nd or two, a 4th or so, possibly some future picks... With those picks as well as our own, we would be in a position to grab multiple marquee players, very similar to how the Cowboys loaded up after trading Herschel Walker to the Vikes in '89. They took all of those players and made multiple Suber Bowl runs. On the flipside, drafting Luck MIGHT ensure another 10-15 of QB excellence (keyword: might). But to me, if you play your cards right you could still invest 2nd or 3rd rounder in a QB and groom them under Peyton for the next 4 years. Ultimately, our team is aging and needs a youth injection and our defense needs help, big time.


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I like this

a strong, consistent character, the players stand behind him, he has integrity, and he follows the first rule of leadership; Anything that goes wrong is your fault.

Hard to find indeed..........especially the first rule of leadership

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I'm not too fond of his time management decisions sometimes, but overall Jim Caldwell is alright with me. I'm quite sure Polian kept him on a short leash and it probably limited his ability to coach as he saw fit.

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