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Colts/Jets-the sky does "appear" to be falling!



Before I get into the game, I am sure by now everybody has heard about Pagano's post game press conference, his mentality-*! That's expected, but he was *! Never seen him like that, we have looked bad before, lost before, lost 2 in a row before, but this was different-very different! His comments-Very telling!! When asked if Luck seems to be trying to speed up his throws because of lack of protection, his answer was.... it's been that way for 3 years, he should be used to it by now. I was about ready to hit rewind, did he really just say that, are you kidding me???? Many feel it was a shot about Luck, I am not sure it was, Luck is not the G.M. and is not in charge of building the roster, we know who does that. Regardless of who it was directed to, that was indeed-telling and another comment about the turnovers being unaceptable (which is correct) but also said it's not hard, it's not trigonometry-which was also viewed as a shot about Luck ( with his math degree), only he knows who he had in mind, but that is not how you handle that situation, not if you really think your team and QB can get you where you want to go. I think the comments were for sure a shot at Grigson and to some degree-Luck, whether the issues can and will be fixed going forward, those type of comments are not healthy and there is never any guarantee of anything, but his future with this team, certainly appears over and those type of comments can destroy a locker room. For a team that has looked pathetic and needs to regroup and try to keep a positive outlook, even if that is not realistic-moving forward, that cannot happen, behind closed doors-go for it, but calling out your G.M. and QB in public? Expanding on that ..much has been said and written, after 1 game-it was just 1 game, but now it's 2 and that is totally different, about the rift between Pagano and Grigson and Grigson has been on the hot seat, He has done some good things, but not enough and after seeing the same result for the 2nd time, I have to say, if you have a G.M. who has been in charge going into season #4 and some units are worse off now than they were 4 years ago-he does not understand how to build a roster-which HAS GOT TO START UP FRONT- by now, he isn't going to, he does not get it. The beating Luck has taken since his arrival is UNACEPTABLE-PERIOD! I hate over-reaction and even if it's just 2 games, it really appears that there is alot more and bigger problems than any of us thought and not sure we have any of the things in place that needs to be in place with the leaders in this organization


I have giving alot of thought on how this could be...I am always trying to figure it out, we have 3 10+ wins season, 3 playoff appearances in a row and advanced further each year, we were in the AFC championship game last year? We are a very good team? We also have struggled against most of the other very good teams we have played, not just struggled, usually it's not even a competive game. What we have done is swept probably the weakest division in the NFL, which means we were kinda handed 6 wins each year, which leaves around a .500 record vs the rest of the league, how many really good teams have we beat in this era, not many and for sure, lost way more than we have won. My conclusion is that this team is not as good as hyped and is not that close to being a championship caliber team. Its been well documented that when you have an elite QB, you always have a chance, but even that is looking iffy at this point, not that he doesn't have elite talent, but he is not playing at an elite level. I also think his struggles are quite simple, he is trying to win the game by himself and has for his entire career and that is not going to work


On to the game:
Luck has not played well, his decisions, his accuracy, nothing is working. The O-line has been completly overmatched, although to some degree that is expected,we have faced 2 of the best defenses in the NFL these first 2 games, this team, for whatever reason seems to have a hard time getting going, slow starts to games and seasons is the norm. If we had played Jax-Houston and Tennesee the first 3 games, prob been 3-0, on a roll, we MIGHT have had more sucess vs these teams...who knows? Receivers are not getting open? How can that be? Hilton-Moncrief-Johnson-Dorsett-Allen-Fleener-Gore and nobody can get seperation? That has to be on Hamilton, that is too much talent to be shut down, all game. the players do have to perform and execute, but if the talent is there, then the scheme is not working. The O-line as Pagano pointed out, has been very bad Luck's entire career, but we were still productive. The tight ends have rarely been targeted. The running game has actually looked decent, Gore has looked good and with a balanced offense would be even more effective, but the entire offense is out of sync and it's the previously very productive and very hyped passing game that is not working. Hilton and Moncrief have looked good, Johnson and Dorsett look like they are going to be non factors this year.


The defense played well, but must be noted that the Jets were playing very conservative, had their game plan been different, it could have easily been a lot worse. We gave up 101 rushing yards, which is acceptable and would have looked even better, takeway a few big runs late in the game. It was great to see Mathis on the field again, is he back? will not be answered for a few more games. I really thought the pressure this year would be better and so far, has been non existent. In today's NFL you had better have 4 legit CB's if you want to survive, for most of the second half, we played with.....zero. I mentioned a few times before the season started how thin this group is and we all hope at least a few of them will be able to play next week, or it can get even uglier, going forward. Anderson again stood out and is on his way to a great career and it's not that Parry is playing bad, but have a hard time beleiving a 310 lb. NT can be a force in this league. Jackson led the way with 9 tackles, Adams had an outstanding pick near the end zone and there were several other turnovers left on the field.


The special team were ok, Adam is now 0-2 on the season, McAfee looked better, Varga is not dynamic, but he does give his all.


Where do we go from here? One thing you CANNOT do, is point fingers, it seems like Pagano is doing just that, if your coach and leader has that mentality, it is going to make what already is an uphill climb, even more difficult. 0-2 doesn't change the fact that this team has enough talent to compete, with all the turmoil and lack of production we have seen, I am not sure where this team is and where it's going, but I do know that I do not have a very good feeling about alot of things going forward and it could get worse, but since it is just 2 games and there is 14 left to play, some of those things will be better, some won't. But if you look at the big picture and some of the things going on, I think there is going to be some big changes......maybe soon. Penalties and turnovers are lethal, it is hard to win a game in this league and almost impossible when they occur too often. When you are overmatched, whether that is on the O-line or in the secondary, you grab, you hold, you do whatever you can to try to compete, when things are going bad, you try to hard, you try to win the game by your self, you force things, you don't focus, you don't trust the process. The next 3 games are our annual gimme games vs our 3 division foes, we will see where we are after that stretch, those are games that we not only should win and are expected to win, but need to win and need to perform at a high level. Then comes the game the world has been waiting for vs that team from the east. 3 games ........will be very telling!!!

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Well said COLTS 7. Aside from the turnovers & penalties, there were three plays that stand out for me and speak volumes about the team and the staff.

1. Werner had a clear shot at Fitzpatrick and couldn't catch him. Fitzpatrick is not what you would call either speedy or elusive.

2. In the second half Walden had wrapped Ivory in his arms for no gain. I guess he didn't want to hurt him so he let him go for an 8 yard gain.

3. In the first quarter drive, the Colts had a second and three from inside the Jet's 15

yard line and they call on their secret, potent offensive threat, Joe Reitz. Boy did that surprise the defense. Refresh my memory but hadn't Gore been running pretty well on that


Those three plays for me speak volumes about this roster and the coaching staff. I am on the record as casting Grigson as incapable of understanding the talent needs of this team.

Geez, I hope they can turn this thing around this year, but their losses have not even been competitively played.

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One more thing about Grigson. Going into last year I think we had the largest or close to the largest cap room for FA's. Who did we sign but a bunch of over 30 players who we hope will give us 2 quality years. That is not what I call building a dynasty.

In my opinion when you have not had a proven track record as a GM in pro football, you need to work under one to learn best

practices in drafting & recruiting. Look at New England. They lose star talent every year and somehow put a competitive team

on the field who actually win SBs.

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I try to give Grigson the benefit of the doubt, but it's hard, he has made some great moves, he has made some really bad moves and no G.M. is always right, but after seeing the O-line look so bad after year #4 and seeing Luck get beat up for years, it has become clear that he does not have what it takes and as I mentioned, it really does look like this team has the leaders in place to take this team where it wants to go and if there are changes, then you have an adjustment period, which is a setback, not sure the coordinaters are good enough and to change them, would lead to the same thing. Don't have many answers right now, just going to have to see how this plays out

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Just listened to the Pagano presser.  Did I understand him to say the  one indispensable, face of the franchise player should now be able to play effectively behind the Swiss cheese O-line that Grigson was responsible for assembling?  No amount of walking back that comment can explain that one.  But as always he wants our confidence that he is going to "fix" things.  I'm just fed up with him, Grigson and Irsay for his silence and lack of action. 

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We will see how these next 3 games go. That will be telling regarding whether or not the players have given up on him. So far the players look disinterested, not prepared, and making all kinds of mental mistakes like TO's and Penalties for example. Have the players quit on Pagano? That's a great question. We are about to find out because if we don't beat the Titans and Jags after that then we will know the answer. That is 2 teams that aren't even on our level.

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I agree , the next day he was trying to backoff, but it doesn't change anything, everybody heard what he said, nobody can say who it was directed towards, but it really doesn't matter...he is the leader of the team and he sets the tone, if that is his message to the team, it is not going to be a positive

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it will be telling, we just played 2 very good teams and looked very bad, but when you play bad teams, teams you are expected to beat that is more telling, if we win all , or go 2/3, that doesn't mean anything is fixed, if we lose more than 1 of those games........no comment

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We need to win all 3 now being 0-2 because we play the Pats after that. Cant be 2-3 going into that game. If we are 3-2 we can at least afford to lose that game and it wont hurt us as bad. Maybe if we win the next 3 it could get the Colts on a roll going into the Pats game which could result a win. All would be fantastic at that point.

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I honestly feel it's the O, yes the D isn't the best but if the O scores it does change the complexity of the game.  The timing with the QB/WR is totally off!  Yes the QB is getting pressured but the check-offs are not working! Yes its bad, I traveled 4,000 miles to watch my Colts do a satire on the NFL and the both elevators at the motel was down!  Great weekend!  I'm not jumping off the bandwagon, Colts7 will not question my loyalty but for the others my blood runs deep!  Big Daddy, Gino, The Horse, Johnny U, Donovan and the list goes on!  I hope this just a shopping mall speed bump and hope to get onto the freeway soon, very soon!

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I honestly feel it's the O, yes the D isn't the best but if the O scores it does change the complexity of the game.  The timing with the QB/WR is totally off!  Yes the QB is getting pressured but the check-offs are not working! Yes its bad, I traveled 4,000 miles to watch my Colts do a satire on the NFL and the both elevators at the motel was down!  Great weekend!  I'm not jumping off the bandwagon, Colts7 will not question my loyalty but for the others my blood runs deep!  Big Daddy, Gino, The Horse, Johnny U, Donovan and the list goes on!  I hope this just a shopping mall speed bump and hope to get onto the freeway soon, very soon!

Man you are old school. I thought I was as I have been a fan since 1984. Yeah sorry you traveled all that way to watch that performance. Hopefully things will get better playing Divisional teams for the next 3 weeks.

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I hope your trip was a good one KK (since it was the last time you will ever watch a Colts game in person ;-)

Reality is it really doesn't matter what the record is or if we make the playoffs, if we don't get the problems fixed, which at this time appear to be many......it will be a token appearance....building a monster? what we have seen built so far in these 4 years, does not resemble a monster, just like during the Manning era, when you have an elite QB, it masks many issues, because he allows you to win games and we all when you are winning, all is right.....the system is not working, the leaders are not leading, the players are not performing, there is turmoil, unfilled expectations, etc...etc....etc.....everybody wants a playoff season, but 1 and done does nobody any good,this team needs to be built for sustained sucess, year after year and have a realistic chance to go to and win and Super Bowl, there is a lot that needs to be done, before than can become a reality and as I  have mentioned, not real confident the guys we have in place at this time can pull that off

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WE need to rebuild the Offensive Line period ! Only Quality position is left tackle Everyone one else stinks ---its that simple! Pagano must go ! Same for the GM!

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i think part of the problem is thinking this team was ready to get over the hump, when the reality is it doesn't seem like they are....expectatations were very high and as of now, there are more questions than answers...it is year #4 and again, although it appears they have been on the right track and trending up....it now appears that they have regressed and 4 years is long enough to address and fix problems and they haven't been......just going to have to see how it plays out

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