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New DB on Market Carolina Panthers to release veteran Antoine Cason



Do you think he can help us in DB area? Thoughts?

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4 cheap hell yeah, nice incentive 2 have behind in case davis, toler or butler gets injured 1 mil. I think about same as butler?

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Gordy from what I heard had a rough day.....(blacked out in my area, Lake County... thanks Dish...had to watch scoring plays on Redzone) anyways I think colts have nearly 4 mill in cap space still....looking at Tolers injury history and Davis being banged up I think it would be a solid pick up for the rest of the year and playoffs.  Butler looks great sometimes and gets burned at times too!  Colts rely on corners alot so we need to be healthy in that area.  O-line may need help after today also.

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Depends on his cover skills. Will he be an upgrade from a key reserve such as Josh Gordy is the biggest question

Gordy is a joke blows coverages gets beat just about every play. You can quote me on this a high school CB can cover better than Him.

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