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Pierre Garçon Is Discussing Contract With Washington

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    • I don't believe this hogwash for a second.....he sounds like a bitter young man angry about not getting offered the money he thinks he's worth.   The class and dignity this organization has shown from top to bottom with the McDaniels incident alone tells me this is utter nonsense.
    • Yeah the Cubs hadn't won a WS in 108 years and everyone loved us outside of our fanbase until that happened. Everyone said the Cubs had the most loyal fans to put up with years of losing. Once the Cubs won it all, now everyone outside of our fanbase hates us and thinks Cubs fans are bandwagon fans . Funniest thing ever.  
    • Oh for sure they’re annoying. But they got 1 Super Bowl in 50 years. I’ll just let em enjoy it. Plus I always find rowdy celebrations that may or may not involve the consumption of horse crap to be hilarious  
    • I know I’m being unreasonable and they do deserve credit, but Eagles fans are the worst. I’m glad they beat the Pats but they are my second most hated team (after the Pats). 
    • "Two months into the 2018 NFL league year, Eric Reid, Tre Boston and Kenny Vaccaro remain unemployed, while their peers, Morgan Burnett, Tyrann Mathieu, Kurt Coleman and Marcus Gilchrist, were signed within the first week of free agency. Only Burnett and Matheiu were considered better players than Reid, Boston and Vaccaro by most outlets that published free agent rankings."
        "The 2018 NFL draft was also considered a good safety draft, a fact some used to explain why Reid struggled to garner any interest early in free agency. But only three safeties were drafted in the first two rounds of the 2018 draft. It wasn’t nearly as deep as the last year’s draft, which had no effect on the free agent safety market.   For whatever reason, this year is different. Really different. At least for Reid, Vaccaro and Boston. The other big free agents at the position found work quickly. Coincidently (or maybe not), the other big free agents haven’t been involved in anthem protests.  ( ) And if they have, there is no public record of it happening. kept a running log of players who protested during the 2017 season... "
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