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    • Yeah, I'm having hard time imagining what people think is special and what is pretty good. For example is Cam Jordan type of career special or "pretty good" or somewhere in between? Is Chubb worth a top 3 pick if he has a career like that for us? What about Olivier Vernon?    Or do we need to go into the Von Miller/Khalil Mack range? If you expect any player you draft to be Von Miller/Mack range you are bound to be disappointed IMO. We need to have more reasonable expectations for whoever we draft. We want our guard to be Zach Martin, our RB to be LaDainian Tomlinson, our pass-rushers to be Von Miller and our 3-tech to be Aaron Donald. I mean... nothing bad in hoping but the realities are that the chance of any player we draft to be the very best at his position is not great. We should be expecting more reasonable outcomes for them and if they happen to surpass that, it's a bonus. 
    •   You very well may be right...   but I certainly hope you're wrong.   We went down that road with both a Polian and Grigson...   and Irsay said his view was too much offense and not enough defense...    we will see if that holds up...  
    • Billy Price is likely going in round 1... or early round 2. IMO you have to take him round 2 if you want to take him.    BTW Bond didn't look good IMO. Person looked better than him. 
    • They have great talent on offense. They have Sterling Shepherd who is one of the best WR2s in the league and they just drafted Evan Engram in the first round and he will be a great mismatch weapon for them. Their problem last year was that pretty much all of their receivers got injured at some point. They were fielding WR4s and WR5s on their roster as WR1 at some point. 
    • Part of the problem with Brissett holding on to the ball too long was being scared of making mistakes. When he first started he did throw a couple of game losing picks. Not getting any help from the offensive line nor the running game did nothing for his confidence either. As the season went on he was playing not to lose games instead of playing to win. Getting leads just to see your defense not play well enough especially in forth quarters to hold a lead. All of these factors played against him. Just remember Peyton's first year?  Look, I am not calling him a Manning but it is not unusual for first year starters to struggle with the same problems we seen out of him. He was thrown into the mix and didn't even know half the playbook. Learning on the fly is not easy when you are playing at the same time. He was basically a rookie even he had started a couple of games but he was in a great system on a complete team and wasn't ask to do too much.  Brissett needs to work on his mechanics and IMO that is where Frank Reich comes into play.
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