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    • We probably do differ there.  If I was around someone I knew found taking my socks off was offensive, I'm not sure why they would, but I would probably avoid it.  The same way I would avoid dropping an F bomb in public.  It is really just a matter of trying to be respectful of others if I knew of someone the didn't like the sound of knuckles cracking, even though I don't think it's a big deal and I do crack my knuckles, I would try not to do it around that person.   To the larger point of the kneeling, even though it brings attention to their cause, it is negative attention to many because of the perceived disrespectfulness of the act.  I and I doubt I am alone in this, will not engage in useful dialogue with someone that just did something that they knew was going to offend me.
    • That's not what's wrong with the country   Words evolve and have power.  Used to be that the 'diagnosis' for a developmental disability had a scale that included *, imbecile etc.  It was right to stop using them just as it's offensive to call someone a #. I agree that homophobic speech is wrong although I don't listen to that rapper so, I don't know what you are talking about.   I think focusing on who is a hypocrite doesn't get us closer to solving the problem anyway.   I'm fine with the NFL's policy.  But, the problem is not going away
    • The term "fight" is material.  IIRC, I don't think there was any threat of violence, which there typically is in a schoolyard use of the term bully.     If bullying is about words and name calling, then I think constantly talking smack can be seen as a form of bullying, but that's regarded as "getting in your opponents head" by some standards.   But Richie has been a known element since his college days.  Apparently, he is a high maintenance personality that could be controlled with some sense of structure and purpose in his life, that some teams have chosen to deal with for exchange of good play on the field.  Seems like its catching up with him and he's heading over the edge as he gets older.  And he appears to be getting more randomly violent, towards simple objects at this point.  I don't think he is someone anybody should be around.
    • Call me stupid than because that is how I feel      Have you read Flowers in the Attic
    • The man’s gotta voice for the radio along with great scouting. Doesn’t hurt that he’s heaping praise on our rookies.
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