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Thanks Everyone

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I know this isn't the best time for Colts fans.  A SB looks a far way off at the moment.  We are definitely not at the top of the mountain right now, and things are getting a little scrappy in some of the threads.  But I just wanted to thank everyone for their contributions.  Whether you're a new member posting out of frustration with the current situation, or a seasoned vet that has seen this rodeo before and feels the need to defend the Shoe, or some mix of both or all of those (?), I enjoy reading what you have to say (usually).  I may not like all of your opinions (because let's face it, no two people in the world are going to agree about absolutely EVERYTHING) but I respect you for sharing your opinions with all of us.  Let's all just be thankful that we can have this civil discourse as a fanbase.


Even if we lose to the Browns... (:facepalm:)  at home... (:yuk:) ... ... ...


We still have it better than many others, in more ways than one.  :thmup:

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