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Where do you go for fantasy advice paid or free

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What site do you consider to be reliable for fantasy values/cheet sheets.  I was using fantasy guru but the last few years have been pretty bad results following their advice.  

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Share on other sites is a good resource too


However, a lot of times, you have to look outside the numbers and watch the games to see how a team lines up its offensive weapons, how many plays a WR is in for his big play threat to matter and if the DBs of a team do better against a WR with speed or a WR with size, if the LBs have the foot speed to keep up with TEs coming up in a schedule etc., things that just analyzing numbers won't provide. A guy like Sproles, even in a bad season, gears up to play the Colts. :) 

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I've tried fantasypros. I only play daily fantasy, so I go by weekly match ups. One can't only go by online resources, though; part of it is guess work and gut feeling. At times I've gone against professional advice and it's worked out. 

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2 hours ago, Narcosys said:

I go @Jared Cisneros and @chad72


However I can't trust Chad because he's in one of my league's lol 


If I know it's one of our leagues, I don't advise or ask for advice, typically :)


Good to see you back here again. Now, can you give me your thoughts on a couple of line ups I posted in the advice thread?

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    • Everyone forgets that Brissett is still learning. He got thrown to the wolves last year with no history with the team and becoming an immediate starter. MOST players would struggle badly in that situation, Jimmy G. excepted. He learned a great deal last year and will be better this year. The offensive play calling HAS to be better this year as does the O-line. He’ll be fine. Pick some other target. 
    • But a team might evaluate their own O line and it just might not be as good as our revamped line.  Thus, last years performance under pressure is on tape, and telling.     Draft QB's in round 1 are cheap, and you control them for a minimum of 5 years.  The price for starting QB's (even unproven) not on a rookie contract are astronomical.     Draft QB's in round 1 are cheap, and you control them for a minimum of 5 years.  Backup QB's are often 2nd and 3rd day picks, have some NFL experience and teams have a fairly decent (yet not perfect) grasp of their ceiling.  JB has much work to develop more than Jimmy Garopolo has.
    • He holds the ball too long and is slow to recognize when a WR is coming open.   Some of that is because he was hammered every play. AND... he has a slow release.   I hope he develops into a great backup........  but I would also say, my confidence, until he proves quite a bit more, is lacking
    • Brissett will be better than last year.  Its surprising how everyone forgets he was running for his life every play.  Even Andrew struggled with that pressure... all QBs do.  Brissett will be much better with a year's experience under his belt and an OL that can protect him. other GMs know this and it WILL affect his value.  The way teams spend on unproven QBs, i can see a team or two offering a 2nd or 3rd.  Heck, the Jets gave up 3 to move up only 3 spots to land an unproven QB.  And they really didnt even know WHICH unproven QB they would get.  Some teams get desperate for a starting QB, as we have seen over and over. if we dont get the trade we want, use him until FA in  2 years. i think, under the circumstances (which were stacked against him), Brissett performed better than people give him credit for.
    • If I’m a GM I say one thing.. ‘Good lord no.’   He’s a garbage person.
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