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Colts 2017 Schedule Takeaways

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Intro: The Colts 2017 schedule has been released with three primetime games and four contests against playoff teams from last year. What are five takeaways on the 2017 schedule?

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    •   As long as it is not a typo, I will be prepared.
    •   I saw that too.  I can make it work, but I thought we were doing Sunday, September 3rd, in the afternoon?   No?
    • No prob. I think colt and pat fans can get along.  Did i just say that?  I threw up a lil in my mouth just thinking about it. The pats are easy to hate. (For the rest of the league)  
    •   Michael Phelps challenges whale to race  
    •   I was just pointing out when I look at stats, I will look to see what makes up the stats, how are the stats come by, are the stats effected by things like play calling (run the ball in the end zone or pass it), coaching (are you a passing team or a ball control team) etc.  Then i can get a better gauge on stat as to whether or not, and to what extent, I think that it is reflective of the intrinsic value contributed by a player.  Drew Brees throws over 5000 yards a handful of times, and so on.    With Passing yards and passing TDs, there is element where a player has an opportunity to garner these stats and not necessarily by his own skill.   If Team A (like the Pats in SB 51) are trailing (or are in shootout and need to keep scoring as its D is a sieve and keeps yielding score for score) in say 12 games, then the offense on that team will still be running and gunning till the end of the game in 12 games. And in the other 4 games they are in control and the offense and the team are trying run out the clock.  And say the team throws for an extra 80-100 yards and 1 TD on average in those 12 games they will throw an additional 1000 yards and 12 TDs.   Lets flip it around and say Team B is the exact opposite and is in a shootout for 4 games and running out the clock in 12 games and all else is the same.  Well they with throw for an additional 400 yards and 4 TDs.   And lets add that we know that each QB can do the same regardless of which team he is on.    We will have at the end of the season QB for Team A will of had an opportunity to put up 600 more passing yards and 8 passing TDs.  So if the two end up as follows:   QB Team A:  4600 yards, 38 TDs QB Team B:   4000 yards, 30 TDs   As first look it looks like QB on Team A is the "better" QB, but when we look to the above, understand that either QB could do same on the other team, the separation is not attributed to intrinsic talent of the QB but merely the fact that one more opportunities to cumulate stats.     And this is just a illustration to show my point.  it could just as easily be just 4 games versus 1 game where each thrown for 150 yards each and 1 TD and thus the overall difference would be 450 yards and 3 TDs, and so on.   So that is why i would like to be able get our hands around stats similar to the above to get a better gauges on the end yearly numbers.   My sense in reading some responses is that the colts did not have a good a defense as the pats, that they had more offensive weapons; and as such, likely might of found themselves in Team A's situation more times than Team B's.  I do not mean 12 games, but what ever it is, be nice to know it to get a more weighted value in the end.    Btw, i loved what you did with the comparisons and looked to each player against their contemporaries and that gives a better gauge then trying to compare  a player from 2014 to one in 1982.     
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