Pagano - 11th Best Coach in the NFL

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23 minutes ago, Zalazar Elijahh said:

explains a lot.


Notice said REwatch, I did watch every game. 

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28 minutes ago, Zalazar Elijahh said:

...he's a bad coach the best The Colts have ever done while he was the coach was in 2012 when he was sick and Bruce Arians took over!


Wait, Wut?


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27 minutes ago, Zalazar Elijahh said:

I don't understand why you're trying so hard to defend this guy. Did you not see his timeouts early in the year that basically cost us a couple games? So many bonehead decisions so many * dumb mistakes that shouldn't happen! he's a bad coach the best The Colts have ever done while he was the coach was in 2012 when he was sick and Bruce Arians took over!


Really? Because 2 years later chuck took the team to the AFC championship game. The year before he took them into the divisional round. Both seasons they had the same record as 2012 so how are those 2 seasons less successful than the 2012 season?


"Idc how bad of a roster he had he was considered to be a "defensive mastermind" by the media and around the league and we had Literally THE 32nd ranked defense this year. a good coach even a decent coach would have put his team maybe even somewhere in the back 20s, But to come out this year and literally be THE WORST ranked defense in the league??"


New DC. Changes to the defensive scheme. Injuries in particularly concentrated in the secondary to the point they were signing guys off the street and having to thrust them immediately into starter roles. 



"how can you say he's a good coach. gimme a break."


Quote me where I said hes a good coach. Try to pay attention. 


"Pagano is lucky Ballard seems like a nice guy because if he was a hard butt and someone who gave no #s pagano would be gone."


You are absolutely wrong. Irsay said DURING the GM search that chuck would be HC in 2017. If CB was a hard butt and insisted on firing chuck then we'd likely have a different GM.


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3 hours ago, J@son said:


Notice said REwatch, I did watch every game. 

Yeah I noticed. 

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