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Is Chris Ballard Willing To Take Red-Flag Players In Draft?

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Intro: One of the great draft dilemmas for every team is how they handle prospects with off-the-field issues. Chris Ballard has had history with making successful choices of "red flag" prospects going into the draft.

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    •   Kyrie must have other issues with LeBron.. He says he wants to be the main focus on a team. Lets look at that. Where will that happen. Not in San Antonio with Kawhi. Not in Minnesota with Jimmy Butler. Those two coaches don't have a one player 'main focus' guy.   he'd have to go to a team like the Pacers to be the dominant guy (did I say that?)
    • Sure they could. Celtics still dont have a real center..and they dont have Avery Bradley in the backcourt anymore
    • Supe; LeBron is not a good leader..he's a great leader,.... But you have to be a matter how good you are or were Almost everyone who plays with LeBron has to deny their own game.. Point guards have to give the ball up.  post players have to get out of the lane...only wings, spot up shooters who stand and wait......can do their natural thing with LBJ The overlooked skill of Kevin Love is that Love became an amoeba...He played the post who got out of the way when he needs to. He played the wing who spotted ..and he disappeared when LBJ wanted to ball stop and dominate. He went to the bench when the Cavs 'went small' He got out of the way and didnt complain. Its not a knock on LeBron...its not good or bad..its shades of gray and you win games./ But LeBron is very hard to play with. He can down grade you. So did Kobe. So did Michael.  It is what it is..   and the Cavs hardly stood idly by...that's an alternate sports talk universe...they almost had Paul George AND Carmelo...but I dont think we wanted Paul to stay in the East..(for good reason) Just because a team didn't make 'bigsplash' trades doesn't mean they 'stood idly by'    and lets not overvalue Myles Turner...Kyrie Irving is 25 years old, a 20 ppg scorer and a dominant player performer... I like Myles but he's not all that...we dont have anybody close to that. ..and while Kyrie makes what? 25 mil..guess what?...we're going to have to pay Myles 20 mil in 2 years..and in a long term deal. Are you as sure about him as you are about Kyrie?  I'm not   You really would not trade Myles, Thad Young and Cory Joseph for Kyrie Irving under contract for 2 years with a player option? Seriously?    
    • I once saw a post on these forums that said the Colts need to use Dorsett the way the Falcons used Taylor Gabriel.  Lots of deep routes to take advantage of his speed and open up things underneath, and use his speed and quickness to our advantage by getting him the ball in space.  Get the ball in his hands and let him make plays.
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