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    • Geathers was having a great season last year under monachino before his neck injury I think he will be fine he needs to play more man to man.
    •   ^^^ ban this user!! ^^^
    • It was the only show I watched or listened to on ESPN. Now that they are no longer a team I will have no need to tune into ESPN at all.
    • I think you have done a very nice assessment of our teams progress and where we are right now.  Most of the teams improvement has come on the defensive side of the ball coming from additions and improvement from our young players.  The loss of Luck for the year and the hurried assimilation of Brissett to the lineup certainly has not helped the offense meet our preseason expectations.  I read where Doyle was second in the league in receptions among TE's before the Pittsburgh game.  A stat that blew me away actually.  Who knows what a healthy Luck and a better OL  would have done for Moncrief and the rest of the WR's.   I think you have to congratulate the coaches for this progress and continued improvement that we have seen from this team.  They have gotten better and that's what we are looking for.  It might be a lost season record wise but if you are looking at player and overall team development you have to be pleased with the great progress they have made this year.  No one is happy with the record but you can not ignore the overall improvements that have been achieved.  Everyone is looking forward to new coaches next year but this years staff has done some pretty impressive work teaching and improving the overall contributions of our players.  
    • That's just not the reality of how things work. Some players just don't pan out in the NFL. Look at Zach Banner, We drafted him round 4 and he was gone by the start of the season. 
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