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Darius Butler Staying With Colts

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Intro: The third re-signing of the offseason for the Colts came on Friday morning with veteran defensive back Darius Butler returning to Indianapolis.

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Ballard is resigning the right guys so far. Guys that the coaches have versatility due to schemes and injuries.Butler will be better at safety and come down to cover as a nickel back as needed. The player I want to see how Ballard and Pagano will deal with is Arthur Jones! He has taken in alot of Colts money but not much to show. Pagano was his main sponsor on that deal.

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    • This info came out this week.     This is the first chance I've had to post it as I do every year.         Here is the actual roster with updated weights.       I printed out a roster after the draft and have now made notes about how much weight has been either lost or gained by our players.   I'm also going to write it up here....    the roster is for you to use as a cross reference...   Hope you enjoy!                 Aiken                  216      +1 Alie-Cox             267      +7 Anderson           301      +1 Ayers                 247      -8 Banner              358       -2 Basham             266      +4 Binford               185 Blackmon          185   Bond                 299       -3 Bostic               245   Boyd                 293      -17 Bray                  183      -3 Briggs                230 Brown                196 Butler                 192      +4 Castanzo            311 Clark                  311      -8 Cooper              311      +5 Crossan            203      +1 Daniels             246       -1 Davis                207 ]Dorsett            185 Doyle                262      -5 Edwards           271      -4 Farley               209       -1 Ferguson         205       +5 Geathers         220 George            234   Good               345     -10 G ore               212      -5 Graham          208 Green             211      +6 Haeg              305      +1 Hairston         195      +2 Hankins         325      +5 Hennessy      246 HIghtower     200 HIlton            178 Hooker          212      +7 Howard         214      -7 Hunt              298     +3 Jackson        234     +4 Jeter             251 Kelly             309 Langford      299      -6 Locke           208      +12 Luck             240 Mack           210        -3 McGill         299       -11 Melvin         196       +3 Mewhort      305       -7 Milton          196       +6 Mingo          239       -1 Mitchell        192       +9 Moncrief      216       -6 Morris         186        -2 Morrison      241      +6 Morris          219       +1 Mount         253        +4 Muir            309    Natson       153        -6 Parry          317       +7 Pope          205  Powell        211  Redmond   300       +5 Rhodes      238      -4 Ridgewawy 318     +1     Rogers        184     +4 Sanchez      195 Schwenke    310     -5 Sheard         265 Sickels         252     -9 Simon          250     -10 Smith           197     -8 Spence        231 Stewart        333     -14 Swoope       258     +1 Thomas       282    -10 Tolzien        215     +2 Ugokwe      315     -6 Vinatieri      212     +6 vujonvich    300 Walker        242     +7 Walker        216 Wlliams      260     +13 Wilson        206      -7 Woods       330      +23 Wylie          309   Griffey        209 Michael      220  
    • I love the talent in their def but I think luck had Wades number lol he's eaten up his defense  in wins/losses
    • A punch to the gut was how it was said to be by Pritchard. Bird sure left Pritchard a total mess. None of this is surprising to me about how the NBA direction is going. None of this is ever going to change as long as there is not a hard cap and the NBA gets paid for super stars getting put on the same teams. This started years ago with the Celtics. They always had the best teams money could buy and then when the cap come in they invented what is called the Larry Bird exception. Then the NBA seen the chance to cash in by letting teams pay them for going over the cap. Then the owners were getting paid by high dollar TV deals and couldn't care less about putting winners on the court as long as they were making money. Now the NBA is made popular by fans who really are not interested in watching basketball played in it's original form. All they want now is highlight dunks and three pointers. Defense has been lost forever right along with traditional basketball. Sad for those who remember the real basketball.
    • Fact is Pagano went 8-8 without Luck after using 5 different QBs with one of them coming right off the street. But it's things like this that gets overlooked by those who choose to. Moral superiority?? You have to be joking. That's even taking it over the top and is getting to the point of pure unaltered childishness.
    •     Sounds like we are seriously considering Lance Stephenson at starting point guard if Jeff Teague's     price is to high..   ..I know he's motivated to play hard and well but that's not something I'd be considering
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