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First game of the NCAAF season being played here in Sydney.  Secured a ticket on the 40yrd line.  Looking forward so much to seeing the Cardinals play (wonder if they could bring #12 back for the 1 game)

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    • The fans anymore just kill me. Talking about the draft after 6 games. We don't know where we are going to pick, we don't know who is gonna be there, we don't know what trades are available.   I feel like we need have some kind of idea of what out options are to have a meaningful conversation about it. We have a young team that is gonna improve over time and we still aren't sure if this is gonna be another 8-8 type of season or a 5-11 type of season, and those 3 wins could be the difference between picking 6 and 15, which are totally different situations. If we had 6 i would be willing to trade down as long as we are still picking in the front half of the first round. But if we have 15, I would rather stay put. I think it's important the Colts target blue chip talent. 
    • Remember them early days when we'd never lose back to back games with Chuck? LOOOONG GONE are those days.   IMO he's a guy in the real world who does his job, but isn't really great at it.   
    •   Why is that "pretty awesome"??   With all our needs,   why would anyone want the team to spend a high number one on a WR?   I think that would be a disaster.......  
    •   Arden Key isn't even wrecking games in college.     Not sure why you're so convinced he'll be doing it in the NFL.   He's got to show a lot more.     He's not Miles Garrett.  
    •   So, was Pagano a tough minded coach when we were winning but suddenly he's a weak minded coach?   You think the changes the last 3 years have nothing to with personnel?   I don't understand this line of thinking at all.       But,  in the grand scheme of things,   I don't think it matters much whether we agree or agree to disagree.....   because I think we both believe that Pags will not be the coach next year.     I'm not saying it's a 100 percent lock,  I think it's too early to make that kind of prediction.....   but we'd have to see dramatic improvement over the next 10 games and I don't think most people here see that happening.   So,  there will likely be a new leader in 2018.....    the only question appears to be.....    who?  
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