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1 hour ago, jet1968 said:

I didn't say fire everyone. Colts are doing their due diligence by replacing lack luster linebackers from last year. they need to do the same with all 11 defensive positions. If they can by improve on ANY of the current defensive players on the roster they need to do so. Ridgeway was NOT impressive last year. If the Colts can improve his position thru free agency or draft they need to do so. He was part of a defense that ranked last or next to therefore needs to be upgraded. Therefore if he can't step it up next year then ABSOLUTELY he needs to be gone.

You make it seem like he did absolutely terrible when he actually ranked pretty well out of the entire league. For a fourth rounder that's pretty good and he will only get better. Davis was part of the worst defense so we should probably get rid of him too. You know what while we're at it since luck didn't have the most yardsor completion percentage out of all quarter back he should go too. Let's just can everyone and start new. Who cares if Geathers hits hard and is great at run defense. He was part of worst defense. Every single one of our defensive players has hit their ceiling. No need to let them grow any further.

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