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    • Funny how much parity there is in the league especially for this season. Green Bay's season is effectively over, (much like ours if Luck don't come back soon), but when Aaron was healthy, I couldn't legitimately picture anyone in the NFC marching into Lambeau and beating Rodgers in January. 
    • Excellent theory except Colin should have also added that Pagano and coaching staff will also be turned over for Ballard's own pick of head coach and coaching staff. NFL.com already believes Pagano is a lame duck and no Andrew Luck to bail him out this year. Looking forward to a fresh start all around next year.
    • I agree that they  planned on Luck sitting the entire year but i'm not sure about the JB part.  I don't even think they considered that until it became obvious that Tolzein was absolute trash. But Luck sitting out was always the plan in my opinion and Irsay simply lied and dangled that carrot that he would return  in front of the fan base to get them to renew season tickets and keep attending games and buying concessions. Every thing that has happened has just been a piece of the plan, from his removal from pup, to his "practice" sessions of every other day, to now his setback. And as i said the other day and as Colin also said, give it a couple weeks and he will be officially done for the year.  Was listening to Dakich on 1070 the other day and he said he was told from someone who is as close as it gets to Luck besides his own family, and he was told Luck aint playing and this was all done for ticket sales.  Apparently Dakich brought this up weeks ago as well before the "setback" even happened. 
    • Here's the problem with Colin's theory....   If you want to trade Brissett -- fine.   But you DON'T want to trade him in the 2018 draft.     It's the best and deepest draft for QB's in a long, long time.    That drives Brissett's value DOWN.   If you're going to trade Brissett it's much better to do it for the 2019 draft which won't be as talented and that will make Brissett's value go UP.   Simple law of supply and demand.   But in broad general terms, I think there's some logic to Colin's theory.   I just don't think this is as cut and dry as he makes it out to be.    This didn't all get hatched back in January when Ballard was hired.    This has played out over the course of the entire year.    Lots and lots of moving parts that have happened over the last nine months and didn't all happen back when Ballard was hired.   Interesting,  but somewhat over thought.  
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