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DeMarcus Ware retires

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Good guy....gave 2 teams all he had..

....back problems........doc says he's OK..

..but its time.....

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The only Broncos defensive player worth being happy for getting a ring a few years ago. 

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    • If you don't think Chuck has had his hands tied because of more than a couple of things I think you need to look closer. No QB, no running game, injuries and rookies. Lack of talent at key positions. You cant make adjustments when you are limited to the players available with the talent to make it happen. All Chuck has been able to do is keep what talent he does have on the field. He don't have the depth to be creative.
    • I've cooled off on Harbaugh.   He hasn't really impressed at Michigan as of late.  He doesn't really ingratiate himself well over time.  I don't expect him to be available anyway.   I also don't want Gruden.  Not impressed by his tenure in Tampa Bay and the deterioration of that defense under his watch.  That Super Bowl trophy he has was with Dungy's team.  The longer Gruden coached there the worse Tampa got.   I trust Ballard to evaluate what's out there and bring in the kind of coach that he wants. Maybe someone he knows from his tenure in Kansas City or Green Bay.  I don't think it has to be a big name for a big name's sake.   If it is, then it will most likely have Irsay's footprints all over it not Ballard's.
    • Well then, let me clarify. I'd like to see a new HC who is a proven creative offensive expert and who brings in a top DC to run that side of the operation. As for Chuck having two hands tied behind his back, I'd disagree. His bad decision making and inability to adapt at halftime are infamous by now and need no further discussion. Luck or no Luck, Pagano has caused his own demise. I'm looking forward to a fresh start with a new coaching staff. Can't happen soon enough. 
    • I was talking about the Arian's offense and how it is detrimental to the health of QBs.
    •   This is so well said....and in addition to all this, he was thrown in behind an O-line that was is complete disarray and  have only recently begun to not completely suck..... 
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