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Ben Browder played Jon Crichton in the TV show "Farscape." and also had a role in the 'Stargate" TV series. Reading that he played such a perverted character in this movie doesn't set right with me. I'll never look at these shows the same way. Why, Ben? Maybe he needed the money or something.  


I didn't know that Clint Eastwood had 7 children.  A few of them have followed in his footsteps.

 Its definitely shocking to see an actor play a role that is completely the opposite of what you would expect... makes me wonder if either the actor is afraid of being typecast or if they're just desperate for money or want to keep their career going?  You always hear of people becoming typecast and then never being able to get serious roles  in movies or any roles at all. 

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Has anyone ever seen the 80s slasher movie "Hospital Massacre" starring Barbi Benton?


 I only thing I remember I'd the opening scene since I only saw it once as a small child(I did what the movie was until last week)

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Tim Burton has always intrigued me as a director. I say that because his color palettes & visualization techniques are so unforgettable. He is usually associated with adaptations from famous works of literature like 'Willie Wonka & The Chocolate Factory' or 'Alice In Wonderland.' If anything, Mr. Burton knows how to cater to twisted, Halloween horror of “The Nightmare Before Christmas” crowd that intermingles with corky characters like 'Beetle Juice' & 'Edward Scissor Hands' overall. Tim is one of the few directors where an audience can literally turn the sound off of your TV & just soak up the visuals in complete isolation if you want to. Very similar to say the periodical 'National Geographic actually meaning, if you see the magazine in a dentist or doctor's office waiting room, you can either read the articles or just randomly flip through the photographs at your own leisure. For lack of a better characterization, Tim Burton is like a psychedelic kaleidoscope that is always spinning & never stops turning. 


What I'm driving at here is this: Even if you dislike Burton as a director, he always manages to conjure up cinematic sequences that get branded on your brain forever even if an entire film as a cohesive unit is just the stuff of fairytale make believe that won't necessarily stay with you a couple of hours after you watch it. Last night, I saw "Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children." This 2 hour & 7 minute 2016 coming of age flick is based on a novel written by Ransom Riggs with the exact same title. The picture reminds me of the bizarre Addams Family TV Show dropped smack dap into a British Second World War II setting. 


Plotline: A young, 16 yr old kid named Jake Portman [Asa Butterfield] lives in the state of Florida & he reveres his  grandpa Abe [Terence Stamp] because ever since Jake was a small boy his grandpa will tell fascinating stories of his life as a man living in a large Victorian home/orphanage filled with oddball children born with unique talents or gifts on the island of Cairnholm located in Wales, England. The lady who ran the entire orphanage of misfit magicians was a tall, brunette woman named Miss Peregrine [Eva Green]. Miss P also often had a long stemmed pipe hanging from her mouth with tobacco in it. Her special talent was she could shape shift into a peregrine falcon, soar through the sky, & manipulate time with a stopwatch creating "loops" in time whereby the same day September 3, 1943 is repeated over & over again. It is her job to protect these special children at this Victorian mansion sanctuary from harm by resetting a wormhole each & everyday to ensure that a bomb dropped from a German Luftwaffe air raid attack doesn't demolish their prized sanctuary forcing them to pinpoint another loop in time for their own safety.


I should also mention that Abe, who suffers from Dementia, typically used old black & white vintage photographs in a box to tell tales of Miss P & all the children she looked after for in Wales too. Abe had a special romantic connection to one of the residents in particular. A blond girl named Emma Bloom [Ella Purnell]. The attraction never blossomed into anything significant I'm afraid since the war derailed their potential love affair in the end. What was Emma's gift you ask? She floats lighter than a feather & needed lead shoes to literally keep her grounded. In addition, she can generate wind, manipulate water to do her bidding, & create bubbles underwater so that non gifted humans could breathe easily without be deprived of oxygen overall. Rather then go through a long list of what each child's gifts are; I will just summarize their main inherent talents instead: One of them is completely invisible. Another one can start fire from her fingertips. Yet another can make anything grow to mammoth proportions from tree branches to carrots from scratch. A fourth girl has the strength of 10 men in her tiny body. A fifth boy is made entirely of bees that can unleash their stingers at a moment's notice. Two twins in masks can turn anything they look at directly into permanent stone statues; One curly haired girl has her teeth in the back of her skull versus the front & finally 1 15 yr old kid can make an ordinary objects come alive & follow his commands from dolls to skeletons by inserting brains & hearts inside them from organs he collects in jars. Sounds creepy I know, but Tim Burton does stuff like this all the time in his films. 


Who is the primary villain you ask? Well, they are evil white eyed creatures called Hallows. The leader of the Hallows is a man named Mr. Barron [Samuel L. Jackson] who eats the eyes of gifted children in order to see & regain a human form. If these bad guys don't swallow pupils frequently, they transform into a large white, blind giraffe of sorts walking on tall stilts called Wights. Wrights often leave gifted good people known as 'Ymbrynes' without their eyes in order to grow stronger. Essentially, this is a battle between noble English allies vs diabolical, master race, delusional Germans. Hey, I didn't write this off the wall book or script man, I'm just breaking down the key film elements man. Don't shoot the messenger. LOL! I must say though that it's interesting to see a crossbow used a main weapon though outside of the Middle Ages I mean. Oh, I almost forgot...Jake's special talent is identical to his Grandpa Abe's---The both can see bad Wrights monsters with tentacles that no one else can spot coming camouflage wise anyway. 


The coolest scene hands down is when Miss P takes Jake & the gang outside at night during a downpour at 9:07 PM on September 3, 1943 to reset the 24 hour perpetual loop of protection. Miss P. strolls outside, places a vinyl record on a 1930's gramophone player, plays a song called "Run Rabbit Run" by Flanagan & Allen; pulls down leather gas masks, pulls out her stopwatch; waits for a SS Bomber plane to drop a missile on the orphanage, but clicking her watch & rewinding it suspends the explosive in midair along with the raindrops compelling night to literally spin backward into daylight once again. This scene just blew me away man! I'm not joking. I have re-watched this scene on my DVD player numerous times. I've never seen anything like it before & I watch a ton of films man. It is so bleeping cool! I can't emphasize this point enough probably because all these kids took pleasure in seeing a near death crisis get averted, delayed, & postponed every darn night. Visually this scene is just stunning IMO like a still life & high speed photography on crack had a child named Tim Burton. Listen to this song below: 



"Run Rabbit Run" is so fun to sing out loud, especially if your tongue allows to roll your R's like a cat purring.  I even bought this number of You Tube because I can't get it out of my head man. It's a very addictive single like a fuzzy, fungus che a pet that grows on you once you hear it & cannot soon erase from your memory banks. 


In addition, there is a righteous, Titanic scene also done in reverse where Emma brings up the 1915 cruise liner from the submerged ocean floor using her breath to clean the ship & make it rise to the surface along with our crimson haired flame girl named Olive [Lauren McCrostie] who got coal burning furnaces firing almost immediately. I've also never seen this done before. Cleaning a algae laden ship & getting it moving in mere moments. Another unforgettable visual courtesy of director Tim Burton as well. 


The final showdown is at a place called Blackpool Tower. It is a real geographic location in England BTW complete with a haunted house & merry-go-ride of plastic, unicorn horses for children to play on like a carnival atmosphere or local fair outing etc. etc. It's just weird to see something that looks like would be in Burton's bedroom that actually exists in the UK I guess. Here we have Wright attack that collides with a skeleton army assault capped out with a snowball fight. Almost Christmas like in a distorted, kind of way actually. 


The film ends with Jake killing Samuel L. Jackson's character with a crossbow arrow to it's head, being reunited with a heathy Grandpa Abe, & using a Map of the World to discover where new loops exist so that he can see Emma back in 1943 again. The End. 


For starters, the title of both the book & movie are too darn long. Can't we just go with something simpler like Peculiar Children Adventures or something like that? The marquee listing is a mouthful man. The best parts were the standstill bomber sequence & witnessing the Augusta cruise liner actually bubble to the surface in seconds. You seldom see innovative reversal scenes so masterfully done IMO. And yes, the song "Run Rabbit Run" has new legs now & will become popular & mainstream again. Trust me, I can feel it down to my calcium bones folks. It's so good. 


As a storyline, didn't we already see this on screen with Marvel X-Men trilogy stuff? You know, talented kids who are shown by a trustworthy adult of how to use their powers responsibly? Yep, we most certainly have haven't we? Gardeners without a green thumb would love a grandchild who can grow an vegetable in an instant & think of all the money you could say on heating bills in the winter with fire girl man. No more shoveling snow in the winter anymore either. Nice. Let's with a straight B because Mr. Barron as a bad guy was kind of uninspiring to me. This is basically a tale of a boy & a timeless bond with his grandpa with some unorthodox characters shuffled in. Eva Green was solid as Miss Peregrine though. As an actress, Eva is pretty versatile playing everything from a James Bond love interest, a black n white vixen in 'Sin City: A Dame to Kill For', & a Portuguese temptress in '300: Rise of an Empire.' She's gonna be working in Hollywood & overseas for a longtime folks in large park due to her penetrating stare that evokes countless emotions without say 1 single word aloud. 



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On March 21, 2017 at 9:35 PM, \m/COLTS\m/ said:

Excellent review SW1! You have a way with words my friend! You ever looked into writing reviews for a living?


The way you described the movie, the gratuitous violence sounds a lot like the movie Logan. The violence, gore, and language was excessive, more then any other Xmen movie, and started within the first minute of the movie. That being said, I LOVED IT!  It made it seem more "realistic" if that makes sense....I know, how can a movie about a man who has adamantium claws and a bad temper be realistic? It just added a certain "edge" to it, Idk. I liked it so much I watched it again!


Anyway, back to Outlaws and Angels.....Really sounds like a movie I'd like to watch, minus the little Joe scene, barf! Idk, I really like movies where the plot involves payback  by someone who was wronged, vigilante justice, or street justice! I think it's really cool that some of Clint Eastwoods kids are following in his footsteps. I didn't realize he had seven children! WOW!!!


Thanks for the review, I might have to watch it.

I appreciate your nice complements of my behalf M Colts M. Thank you. It takes me longer than most people to type given my disability, but I do pride myself on telling my audience commentary that will enhance their movie going experience overall. I've never looked into reviewing films for a living though. Many critics have to play this little dance where you avoid disclosing spoilers or crucial plot elements unfortunately & I don't typically do that on average. Instead, I view my feedback as telling my audience what resonated with me to add to their experience like seeing a film for the second time whereby my readers can know the basic plot & soak up the caliber of the performances themselves like studying William Shakespeare after you've already skimmed through the cliff notes for deeper meaning & symbolic impressions. 


I loved "The Wolverine" released in 2013 man. Plus, Japan as a country has always intrigued me ever since I was little with their bullet trains, Samurai, & loyalty to heavy metal bands over there. I haven't seen the new "Logan" flick yet, but I will sooner or later. Hugh Jackman plays that character almost in his sleep now. He gives Wolverine such depth & gravity. He knows what real pain is & that just like Mary Shelly's  Frankenstein. He can't escape who he really is & the beast that lies inside of him. 


That's what I mean when I say I love the purity of westerns M Colts M--The desire to be left alone, the allure of peace & tranquility,  the danger in ticking the wrong guy off; & how karma both good & bad boomerangs it's way back to you in this life or the next. Uh huh. Mr. "Go ahead make my day" Eastwood preferred the protection of a 44 magnum on screen as Dirty Harry, but didn't exactly have Trojan protection as a motto in his private life it seems. LOL! 


I did appreciate what Outlaws & Angels was trying to achieve as it's primary backdrop as a whole, but the in your face sodomy screen kinda ruined the film for me. The director could have used a murky shot off in the distance with panic to achieve the exact same result. Just don't watch this flick with small children present. That's all I'm saying. Violence with a purpose is perfectly fine. However, sensationalized violence designed to gross a person out cripples the entire storyline just to be repulsive. It is totally unwarranted given how meticulous the director was in shooting this scene in the end. 


Always a pleasure talking to you M Colts M. Take care my friend. :hat:


Oh, if you do watch it on DVD, be sure to fast forward it thru the credits because Little Joe's character sings a pretty good solo of "I've been working on the railroad" too. It's nicely done & totally out of nowhere on the surprise meter too. A cool little Outlaws & Angels easter egg film find that I found by accident. 

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