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Colts Inactives – #JAXvsIND

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10 Donte Moncrief
20 Darius Butler

30 Rashaan Melvin

48 Deiontrez Mount

63 Austin Blythe

65 Kristjan Sokoli

67 Jeremy Vujnovich


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    • Rangers, the kings of closing out games when leading after 2, now dropped a 7th straight home game last night after blowing a one goal lead to the Islanders. 2 PPGs given up, including one late. The backup goalie has been reassigned to Hartford so Henrik will be back on the California road trip this weekend and the lead's best road team will have a chance to increase it as they try to clinch the 1st wildcard spot.   Meanwhile, Boston is giving away their playoff spot to Toronto. Would be hilarious if they got eliminated on the last game of the season. I was in Boston that day two years ago and loved every second of that.
    • I don't have a problem with your opinion at all. Just because I'm discussing things doesn't mean it's personal.
    •   It would have to be a 4-5 year deal, otherwise that's a huge disservice to the organization, but I see your point.   At NFL-GM pay, 4-5 years of 100-hour work-weeks would be a nice chunk of change to retire on...  which Grigson could do now, I guess.   But I've done 100-hour work-weeks before, and there are only 168 hours in a week.  You barely have time to sleep, eat, shower, even think.  You get burnt out pretty quickly, at least I did.  Might explain why Grigson was so cranky with his employees, I know I was.  I couldn't have kept that up for any amount of money.  It was stressful and unhealthy.  I am not wired for it.   There's plenty of money out there to replace what I spend, but I can't get back my time.
    • I don't see any way we can wait until the 3rd for a CB. We have to get a starter and probably a slot. I'm thinking we only draft 1 LB and don't even look at RB until the 4th, honestly I would be surprised if we draft any offensive position other than RB. We just have way to many holes in the secondary to not spend about 3 picks on it this year. I feel like next year will be the year we add more O-line and TE help.
    • Not as many fights anymore, you need one every now and then for a spark but the stats are against enforcers. The Rangers for example throw out a fourth line of speed which has led to increased scoring since speed beats heavy hitting. I didn't get into hockey until like 5 years ago but now I can't get enough. It's truly a special sport. WWE is still athletic but it's definitely not as good. Vince just totaled his Bentley two days ago like quarter mile from my office lol
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