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Five Things Learned: Colts/Raiders

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INDIANAPOLIS – The playoff chances for the Indianapolis Colts were extinguished on Saturday in California.

A 33-25 victory for the Raiders (12-3) saw Oakland dial up some big turnovers, while finding effective offensive balance over the Colts.

The Colts (7-8) will conclude the 2016 season next Sunday at 1:00 p.m. EST in a New Year’s Day contest against the Jaguars (2-13) at Lucas Oil Stadium.


POSTSEASON WATCHERS – For a second straight season, the Indianapolis Colts will be watching the postseason. Saturday’s loss for the Colts ended any hope they had at winning the AFC South. Back-to-back years of missing the postseason is the first time this franchise has experienced that since 1997-98.

OAKLAND’S LETHAL BALANCE – You give an MVP-caliber quarterback a ground game of more than 200 rushing yards and it’s going to be a long afternoon. Oakland came into Sunday ranking 6th in both passing and rushing offense. It was on display against the Colts, too, with the Raiders scoring touchdowns on five straight drives during the second and third quarters.

MORE COSTLY TURNOVERS – Things were competitive early on, but two first-half turnovers from the Colts were devastating blows. Andrew Luck’s two interceptions (both when throwing at T.Y. Hilton) led directly to 13 points for the Raiders. Luck’s second pick just before half was especially crushing. With the Colts on the verge of cutting Oakland’s lead to 13-10 at halftime, Luck’s end-zone INT turned into a late-half touchdown the Raiders.

NO PRESSURE ON CARR – Oakland entered Week 16 as the NFL’s top pass protecting group. The Colts did not sack Carr, and hardly pressured him, on his first 29 pass attempts. That led to 33 Oakland points. The 30th pass attempt for Carr was a major blow though. Trent Cole’s sack of Carr fractured the right fibula of the MVP candidate, seriously jeopardizing the rest of the season for Oakland’s young star.

WHAT TO PLAY FOR? – Having no chance at the postseason in Week 17 is very foreign to the Colts. That’s the reality though this season. The Colts will host the Jaguars next week in a matchup having no postseason impact. Individually, T.Y. Hilton (the NFL’s receiving title) and Frank Gore (a 1,000-yard season) do have significant milestones in reach.


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    •   Denver won a superbowl with Brock Osweiler (plus a living corpse Manning). Osweiler (and Siemian both) looked a lot better under Kubiak's hand than any QB under O'Brians hand since he left Boston. Not to mention, O'Brian replaced Fitzpatrick with Hoyer, who was worse than his predecessor, then replaced Hoyer with Osweiler who also was worse than his predecessor. Imo, O'Brian couldn't install a system for his lesser talented QB's, which would've helped them use their strengths.   On the other hand, Pagano is a secondary coach. Let's see what he has done there? The Colts (Grigson) didn't draft a single player in the secondary in the first 3 years. Of the free agent additions: Davis become a first team all pro. Mike Adams made the pro bowl multiple times and played his best football over age 30 in Indy. Dwight Lowery had a decent year here, one of his best. Greg Toler wasn't good, but he played his best football in Indy. The Laron Landry project failed, but it failed more due to not being able to stay healthy, than production. (I didn't particularly like him though, but I can't say he was terrible when healthy.) Darius Butler become a decent player, having his best years of his carreer in Indy. Then, when the Colts finally decided to draft in the secondary: D'Joun Smith turned out to be a bust. Health issues again. Geathers became a fine player - sadly, health issues there again.  For T.J. Green, Hooker and Wilson the jury is still out. And they found Rashan Melvin off the streets. This is not bad at all. Most players, who stayed healthy, played their best in Indy. Of course talent matters. You can't make pro-bowlers out of journeymen.     Pagano's record is 15-7 at home and 13-14 on the road against coaches ahead of him. The number might be off 1 here or there (due to coaching changes, I might counted a game here or there played against a previous coach. I also counted games against Harbaugh and Kubiak supposing they'd be in top10 being active). That's not a bad record.   All in all, I think Pagano is right there where he belongs to after 3 winning, then 2 down seasons. Middle of the pack. But ..... I think, based on "potential", he is better than his current value. He is a top10 on my list.   I know many of you guys strongly disagree, but that's my honest opinion. There are better coaches in the NFL than him. But not many. So I wish if Pagano fails to prove himself and will be fired after 2017, then there will be at least one available of those "not many". (Yes, despite my belief that he is a fine coach, I agree that he has to go if he fails to prove himself. Because that's the right decision. But honestly, I'll be scared if that happens. It won't be easy to find a better guy. And there is always a chance to be ChipKelly-d....)  
    • Banner was up to 260Lbs He was at 253lbs for the combine with a goal of 245lbs. I thought that's what I read.  Walker adding 7 so he's back up over 240.    Wilson at 207lbs jumps out to me. We heard about "football shape" for him. He was 211lbs at the combine. You'd think him being in better shape would make him a blink quicker. If he's a little faster we may not get him. I'm excited to see this kid with Hooker on the back end. If we can get Geathers back we could have something.   
    •   And, wittness such a weird offseason. Giving up a fortune for Mahomes, letting Poe (+Howard) go then sign Bennie Logan for similar cash? Let Charles, Knile Davis go then sign C.J. Spiller? And finally, let Maclin go and not even try to do something with the WR depth. (There was Decker available for example....)   These remind me a bit of what happened in Philly when Chip Kelly took full control. He let McCoy go then signed Murray and Matthews to huge contracts, etc. Weird moves.   Reid is not Kelly, the old man is proven and good. But still.... something doesn't feel right for me there.
    • Even though this is Camp weight [nothing to get riled over] there are a few players that intrigued me weight wise. Hooker, Woods(23lbs is alot of weight), just to name a few
    •   Yes,   I noticed that too.      And no, he's not.     He even a dmitted as much in a recent interview.   Says he lost 15+ and has gained back 10-12.    Thinks he'll be good to go for the start of the season,   but there are so many questions left unanswered.....    
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