Colts @ Raiders Game Day Thread

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Oh well. Raiders win but carr done for does not help playoff time. Another disappointing Colts season and when the South was so winnable.

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Merry Christmas colts family if I don't make it on tomorrow......Though I'm sure I will sometime late in the day

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4 hours ago, Indy_Mike said:

I wouldn't even play Luck next week, let Tolzien close out the season!

Good point I wouldn't either look at Carr and Mariota and we literally have nothing to play for.

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    • I know we had a freak show at the combine, but you guys also need to realize that his size is going to be an obstacle for him playing CB.   Bigger CBs are hard to come by. So far the most successful "big" CB is Sherman at 6'3" but he also plays in a zone scheme that masks his flaws, and self admittedly doesn't guard small receivers well. The next best is Trumaine Johnson but he's not exactly a shutdown CB.   If Green was 6'1" I'd see it but at 6'3" in a press man scheme, the chances are very low he'll be good at CB. He'll have the same flaws the Sherman has and then some because he's just not as talented as Sherman. Plus a safety-to-CB move is much harder than the reverse. I can't really think of a recent player who has made that switch and been successful. That's not to say that means if X player was a bad safety but played well when he moved to CB,then Green can do it. Then I'd be a hypocrite. What I'm saying is there isn't even a trend of data to follow to make some sort of accurate assertion of why this could work.   He's a bigger guy, he wasn't good at safety, didn't have good college tape, struggles in coverage, making a rare change, and is on his 3rd position change in 4 years. There's like zero logical reason to think this even MIGHT work.     *
    • I personally think he will probably be cut next year or the following..  Unless he some how becomes good..  I really hope he becomes a great player for us. Hope he learns a lot more in the next few weeks and can start and help out or defense! 
    •   Yeah I never understood the whole "I hope this 2nd round pick ends up being a bust so I can say I told ya so" stance that some Colts fans have. It makes no sense to me whatsoever.
    • JMV referenced Kevin again today and mentioned something quickly about posting a depth chart (also mentioned Akin in regards to the depth chart). I'll have to listen to it tomorrow.
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