Colts @ New York Jets Game Day Thread

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It's official!  Colts win a blowout much better than I expected on Monday Night Football tonight 41-10! No guarantees each and every game, but wish convincing games with big leads become more often, and such blowout games can be more fun for the Colts players and their fans. I think the Colts made a statement to  themselves with a healthy Andrew Luck back on the field tonight and this week.

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4 hours ago, PrincetonTiger said:

The ESPN Radio App should work 

I figured it out, thank Gawd...  Phew, I almost had to name my first born son "Prince" Which would be a shock to little Gaylord, considering he is 7. 

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    •   Rd1: Quenton Nelson OG (Notre Dame)   Rd2: Roquon Smith ILB (Georgia)   Rd3: Matthew Thomas ILB (Florida State)   Rd4: Andre Dillard OT (Washington State)   Rd5: Myles Gaskin RB (Washington)   Rd6: Nik Needham CB (UTEP)   Rd7: C.J. Conrad TE (Kentucky)  
    • Keep in mind too, the more wins from here on out, will only increase the odds keeping Pagano.         
    • I watch them a bit. I can certainly concede that Hill is the most talented of the three and may be better than I gave him credit for in my post...   Hunt is not that great, imo. He has had a very good season, especially for a rookie, but I think he has overachieved quite a bit. He doesn't have the elite power/speed combo of guys like Fournette or Zeke. I think he's an average (or slightly above) running back in a very good situation. I don't think he would be rated so highly if he ran for Cleveland or Indy.   Just my opinion, though. I'm not married to it, either... I'm sure I've made many foolish statements about young players in the past.    I was just trying to illustrate that the OC in KC (is his name Nagy?) is part of an offense that is playing better than the sum of its parts. How much of that can be attributed to him and how much is Andy Reid is a fair question, though. New HC candidates are always a gamble, though. 
    • Whichever NFC team that has the best interior pass rush will have the best chance to beat the Pats.  It's their Achilles heel.  
    •   I am NOT a fan of tanking.   I argued on behalf of trying to win the last two games of both the 15 and 16 seasons.    The argument was we had a chance to go 8-8 so you absolutely try to win those games.     5 straight seasons without a losing season is a good achievement for any franchise.   But now that we are overwhelmingly likely to finish below 500,  then I feel free to say that while I don't want us to tank,  I will not be upset with any loss.     Even if we lose them all.      I know this is a nuanced position,   but I won't be upset with any losses in the last six games.   All that said....   We stand a decent chance to win a number of these games.     Only the J'Ville game feels like a likely loss.   The other five feels like we've got a decent shot at each.   We should be competitive in those five games.    So, we might surprise to the upside and win more than we might expect.     The team is playing better.   By group,  the defense is getting better,   the special teams are solid,  and even the offense is a little more cohesive and efficeint.     And each unit might get a little better down the stretch.   We might surprise a lot of people,  including ourselves.    
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