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WarGhost's CFB Players to Watch 2016-17

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Here are my top 3 CFB players to watch this season.


1) Leonard Fournette, LSU, RB

I love Leonard. I have since I first saw his High School Highlight Reel. The kid is something special. He had an amazing year last season. I believe this year he will do even better. Yes, better. How could he be better than he is? I don't know, but watch out. Don't be surprised if he breaks Barry Sanders record of 2628 rushing yards and breaks 30 touchdowns. This kid may have a high floor, but I don't think he's even come close to his ceiling yet.


2) Kavontae Turpin, TCU, WR/KR/HB

Yes, I have him labelled as a HB as well. You may be thinking "He's to small", but just look at LA Rams WR/RB Tavon Austin. He's only a tad bit bigger, yet he torches defenses from the backfield. I envision Turpin as a smaller, more elusive Austin. This kid is dangerous with the ball. Now that he's out from behind the shadow of Josh Doctson. He will be a top target on the team and will end up torching everyone. EVERYONE....


3) Deshaun Watson, Clemson, QB

How can you create a list like this and leave out the electric Watson. He may not get better this year, but that's only because it's pretty hard to do better than he did last season. The kid can throw dots and run like a track star. He gets it done no matter how it has to happen. I'm going to put the Heisman trophy between these Fournette and Watson at the moment. It may change later in the year, but these are consistently the top two options on EVERYONE'S Heisman Watch boards. 


Needless to say, I'm excited to watch this season of CFB!!! Let me know who you like in the comments. Thanks for the read!!

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Watson is a great kid, I realize I'm late to this but McCaffrey and Lamar Jackson look to be Heisman hopefuls as well.

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