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Colts Vs. Texans Game Day Thread

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1 minute ago, SteelCityColt said:

AJ has looked way off with MH a few times this year. What's the problem do we think?

It seems like that is just indicative of the whole year.

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Just now, PrincetonTiger said:

Another big turnover

Let's hope they actually capitalize on it, like they did in Pittsburgh and Jacksonville. 

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    • JMV referenced Kevin again today and mentioned something quickly about posting a depth chart (also mentioned Akin in regards to the depth chart). I'll have to listen to it tomorrow.
    • Cubs up 5-1 going to the Bottom of the 4th.
    •     We might not, I do not think the league wants the dirty laundry of this case 'out there'.  It may come out if Elliott takes it to Federal court, but the NFL is battle hardened in that scenario now, and has precedent on their side now.   Everything will be be tween the league and Elliott's team.  It will be all evidence prevented on both sides, with no fraud or bias.  Has to be or the NFLPA will have a case for vacation of the suspension.  NFL knows this and will be frank and above board, and not open to having their final decision reversed.
    •   Enough to probably prevent getting a conviction in criminal court (no jail time), thus no charges filed  But what about these?   She took photos of her injuries. As the league examined the meta-data in the phone with respect to those photos, the league discovered the date on which those photos were taken. They were taken the same day as Ms. Thompson alleged she was injured by Mr. Elliott. We also examined the reports of two medical experts who are knowledgeable about violence issues, and evaluating injuries of violence. These medical experts corroborated many of the statements that Ms. Thompson made. We also examined the, as I said before, the submissions offered by Mr. Elliott’s representatives. One thing that was significant to us was that many of these people offered affidavits. They declined to be interviewed by the NFL’s investigators, which raised suspicions in our minds about the veracity of these witnesses. In at least one of the affidavits that I reviewed, the information was different in the affidavit than the witness gave to the NFL’s investigators when they talked to this particular witness. We also examined the arguments made by Mr. Elliott’s representatives, and the arguments seemed to be theoretical. They did not seem to be supported by any witness, any document, any other substantive evidence.   The advisory panel has access to all of the evidence the NFL collected, including the items you mention, and came to the conclusion there was a lot more evidence siding with the victim and her story rather than the defendant.  That's all that is needed. If lucky, Elliot's representative team can find more nuggets of her doing such stuff and lessen the suspension.  NFL has served notice, players can't get away with things anymore becasue they can pay off the accuser, or get victim to not cooperate, or find something that might get a single juror to not buy in to the guilty verdict, etc... They'll perform there own investigation, take every step on doing so, and are battled hardened in court system after all the Players taking them to Federal court and finally over the NFLPA/Players by winning in the end.
    •   The better question is what has she been honest about.   The quest for truth over deception is a very noble quest indeed.   But I'll be honest, I'm still waiting for the truth to come out, like everyone else.  So I'll reserve judgement until we know the facts, if we ever do...  
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