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Colts Vs. Texans Game Day Thread

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1 minute ago, SteelCityColt said:

AJ has looked way off with MH a few times this year. What's the problem do we think?

It seems like that is just indicative of the whole year.

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Just now, PrincetonTiger said:

Another big turnover

Let's hope they actually capitalize on it, like they did in Pittsburgh and Jacksonville. 

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    • I'm not gonna lie. I like your possible outcome. Get Bradley, Crowder and Tatum for PG. Possibly sign Millsap and the starting unit wouldn't be bad. Bradley, Tatum, Millsap and Turner would be starters
    • I was lucky enough to grow up in the 80's and watch that decade. Back then you had 4 Great Teams mainly built through the Draft and through Trades. So anything could happen in the Lakers/Celtics/Sixers/Pistons and the Rockets were even borderline great. Rockets actually beat the Lakers in 1981 and 1986 in the Playoffs. The 1984 Draft was incredible as well with guys like Jordan, Hakeem, Barkley, and Stockton coming out. The Lakers back then were just a joy to watch with their fastbreak, it was entertainment besides just being a sport. It wasn't built up as a 1 man league back then either like it is for LeBron today as you had Magic/Bird/ Kareem/Dr J/Isiah/Moses/and eventually Jordan and Hakeem getting all the same pub. Now days you have the best players on teams leaving to join each other to form SuperTeams like LeBron has and Durant just did. I have been watching Basketball since the late 70's and I have never seen a Conference like the Eastern Conference be such a sad sack of garbage over a long period of time. It has literally sucked as a whole ever since LeBron joined Miami in 2011. The Pacers had a strong team in 2013 and 2014 but once the Celtics lost in the 2010 Finals and outside of the Pacers for a brief moment, it has been all LeBron going on 8  seasons now and a bunch of garbage to keep it politely.
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