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10 hours ago, teganslaw said:


That would be disappointing. One fumble or penalty can change everything. Also, who figured that Walsh would get that many fantasy points? I never expected that.


Defenses are difficult to determine. What looks good on paper doesn't always work out once the game starts. I've often been burnt on defenses in my lineups.


Oh yeah, it is a crap shoot.


So are garbage TDs. My opponent had Blake Bortles in New Orleans and I lost by 6, so you can imagine how much his garbage TD helped him win :(

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my fantasy football hopes for a championship comes down to me having peterson vs my opponet having blair walsh

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    • I understand that but just answer this, who's better MJ or LeBron? I honestly could not stand Michael Jordan which some just ignore when I Post. I hated him more than I do LeBron but I don't get  caught up in the moment either and just say someone's the best ever when they don't have the resume to back it up.  I also think Magic was better than LeBron, lets say LeBron wins it all and wins Finals MVP this season: -Magic 5-4 in Championships -LeBron has him 4-3 in League MVP's -LeBron would have him 4-3 in Finals MVP's -Magic 5-4 in Finals, LeBron 4-4 in Finals -LeBron much more Points in his career -Magic much more Assists in his career -Neither have won Defensive Player of the Year.   To me this is much more of a debate and almost dead even, both are pretty even Rebounders as well. Magic still would be the greater winner though and nobody is going to tell me the Boston teams that Magic beat aren't as great as the Warrior teams are now - that is close but Boston was loaded back then as well.  
    • I'm really not trying to get into this discussion because I understand both sides but the people who try to make it look like it is not a discussion really get to me.   People talk about the rings but I don't think one of LeBron's teams were as good as MJs and the Warriors this year and last year were better than any team Jordan played.   And also about the playoff point stat. LeBron did play 33 more games but still has fewer attempts than MJ did. Just shows you how much Jordan shot the basketball. LeBron will be top ten in assists when he retires.
    • Why is that? Just asking. You do know the Jazz were favored by Vegas going into the 1998 Finals and Jazz had HCA but the Bulls still beat them. Also lets say LeBron wins this year. That would give him 4 Championships. If LeBron wins and wins Finals MVP it would be: Jordan 6-4 in Championships Jordan 5-4 in League MVP's/this wont change Jordan 6 Finals MVP's, LeBron would have 4 Jordan 6-0 in Finals, LeBron would be 4-4 Jordan has 10 Scoring Titles, LeBron has 1 Jordan has won Defensive Player of the Year once, LeBron has never won that. Jordan still has more Career Points and hasn't even played as long as LeBron has. -Not trying to start anything but you don't have a leg to stand on saying that. Jordan beats him in nearly everything imaginable that is most important. LeBron now has more Playoff Points but he has played 33 more games to do so. I cant debate with anyone because I list facts that back up my stuff while others just get on here and say LeBron is the best just because.
    • The ball should be placed where the body part that rules a player down hits. Not where the ball was when that happened. If you are going to spot the ball on a sideline grab where the recievers toes are though the ball is out if bounds, then the same spot rule should apply anywhere else on the field
    • The other thing that I like about cats is their fascination with Christmas trees & ornaments that hangs from it's real or fake branches. Cats tend to like batting ornaments playfully around. You know low hanging stuff or items that catch sunlight just right.    Many years ago, Gypsy my calico cat long since gone now started batting a boot yarn ornament with her paw & she got her claw stuck. As a matter of fact, the tree started to topple in her direction, I stopped it just in time from landing on her. I said "Gypsy are you okay?" She looked at me as if to say. "Thanks for the save SW1. My life almost flashed between my eyes & it wasn't pretty at all."    A few Christmas's later, Gypsy started playfully batting around the same ornament & I replied "Now be careful Gypsy. You remember what happened last time right?" She meowed back at me as if to say "Darn it, you're no fun at all. Off to my favorite spot to snooze for a few hours then."    Yeah, we had an understanding. We gave each other space & we know when to check in & say hey what's up? Cats are cool that way. They know when to leave you alone & when to make sure your okay. 
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