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1. Absolutely no profanity or obscene, vulgar or violent posts, period.

2. Zero tolerance for personal attacks on anyone including the mods.

3. Don’t write in all CAPS! It’s “YELLING” and unnecessary.

4. No soliciting, selling tickets, merch or anything else. No spamming or illegal activity.

5. No political or religious discussions.

6. No “nonsense” posts, this includes rumors.

7. Fans from ALL NFL teams are welcome. They get along in real life and we expect the same here. No exceptions

8.) No posting or requesting illegal online streaming links. No discussion about your use of illegal streaming links.


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As the Official Fan Forum for the Indianapolis Colts, our goal is to provide a well moderated community where NFL fans can enjoy a family-friendly welcoming environment for discussing Colts football, the NFL, and other topics of mutual interest. This is a place where Where 'football gurus' and casual fans can meet and enjoy each others company on a shared topic of interest.

Civility, a welcoming atmosphere, tolerance, humor, mutual respect and individual commitment to the community are our over-riding goals.

In addition to individual adherence to the community norms (but equally essentail) are our volunteers who moderate the site and aim to lay out clear boundaries of socially acceptable behavior that facilitates quality discussion.

If you'd like a further explanation of the Code of Conduct, please continue reading here:


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    • Yeah, I read and watch shows about sports all the time and I don't recall anybody besides the dude on Mike and Mike saying anything like that, and even he ended up backtracking.   And besides, if anyone really was saying that Luck won't be here next year, they are wrong. Luck will be here next year, even if he doesn't want to be. But he will be, so its a dumb and pointless discussion.
    • Defense is more important to me. Defense/effort is something you can hang your hat on. Its something that you can be consistent with and even if your having a bad shooting game you can clamp down and make it difficult on the other team. I just feel like defense is something that if you are good at it and you make it a priority that it can get you through stretches and keep you in the game until your scoring gets back on track. When you just try to outscore the other team...typically you run against just a better team...we don't have the best players in the league...its clear. Against a Cleveland or OKC, Houston, GS, and the elite talented teams...we aren't going to outscore them..we aren't going to out skill to offset the difference we need to muck it physical and out tough out work them. So defense is more important.
    •   No, and luckily I just got promoted to a different location, so hopefully I don't run into her again.     She's still nothing compared to Crazy Tuna Lady...     Years ago, when I actually was in the food industry, this lady ordered a tuna sandwich, and then had a conversation with herself in the store about the sandwich.  Then accused my staff of trying to poison her with "radioactive" mayo packets, and then tried to run over our employees with her car in the parking lot multiple times over the next 2-week period.   I actually had to call the police and tell them about the menace that was terrorizing my employees.  About 65 years old, gray hair, loud screechy voice, crazy look in her eye, looks and sounds just like a witch, driving a white 2-door hatchback filled with so much garbage that it comes tumbling out every time she opens her door, but the garbage is valuable to her, so she picks it all up and throws it back into her car...  
    •   I think the key thing is that most folks in the media do not show the only real relevant angle which was from the other side line.  NFL Primetime did on Monday with the MC and Hasselback thinking no movement and Saturday felt there was movement without control.     The things that were essentially undisputed were that he lost possession, he regained control of the ball, went to the ground and got a knee in bounds.  One needs three elements to be given credit for possession of loose ball while he is going to the ground, 1) control, 2) knee down, 3) and maintain control of ball through the ground.  As the first two exists only the 3rd one is to be reviewed.   Here is a video of the play and the angle one wants is at 0:22-0:24 of the video. As a side note this is also what Riveron talked about in his official review but i could not find the video, it bury in the NFL videos.     Anyways, movement is okay if made/controlled by the player, but if ball moves in a way the player can not control it is movement which demonstrates that he does not have control of the ball and thus does not fulfill part 3 and no possession.   When one looks at that portion of the view with AJS rolling over, you see the ball does move and come away from his chest, if that movement you feel he did, then control - possession, but if one feels that movement was caused by him being jarred by hitting the ground, then you have the evidence needed to show lack of control of the ball.  If you can not decide between the two, the call on the field must stand.    It comes down to a judgement call.         
    • They are not journalists (with integrity).  Their job is to get ratings.  What better way than to speculate without being accountable if it doesn’t happen?  What gets people watching/talking more than spreading FUD, notably concerning a Franchise/Elite player?   My question, how do they move Luck and his huge salary, and manage the salary cap hit from doing it?  Work out how it can be done before I believe you and these guys. Imagine every scenario to do it, then decide if Irsay would buy into it.     Look at Lucks contract, his guaranteed money, the cap hit from it... and how much it costs to move him.  Create the scenario(s) where Luck is no longer a Colt and we will let Superman critique it.    ...Go...
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