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Tuesday's Top 100 - 2013 SEASON HIGHLIGHTS

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    • Four Questions facing Colts after Signing Luck....
      An story....   4 questions that Colts fans should consider....    honestly,  these are questions that we all talk about all the time....    but now the rest of the NFL is too....   Just click and read....
    • Andrew luck signs
      I'm not saying Luck will be in Indy for his entire career.   Only for the length of this contract.      Wasn't trying to imply anything else.   Hope that clarifies....  
    • 2015-2016 Indiana Pacers (And rest of the NBA) Season
      If DeMarre Caroll can bamboozle the Raptors into a 4 year 58 million dollar deal Solomon Hill can probably get over half that I bet simply based on the flash he showed on the offensive end in the playoffs. They are similar defensively both can be scrappy, Neither are going to be consistent offensive threats   Solomon will get something similar I believe to Caroll, Not as much but something similar. ANd congrats to him for it if he does, Every team has a lot of money to spend and average to below average players will even benefit more than the production or talent they have shown or have say they should, Good year for Solomon to be a FA and I would even be ticked if we brought him back because of he brings effort every night. Now I obviously don't want him back if its at the expense of signing a better player like Lance or someone. If its Lance or him you go Lance obviously or another better player than Solomon
    • Andrew luck signs
      I think Andrew will win a SB eventually. It took Peyton 9 seasons. If I had to put an over/under on his SB wins I would put at 2.5 as I think we could win 2 or 3 with Andrew. I would say in a couple seasons once we build the Defense a bit better we will start to roll. The Patriots will be garbage once Brady and Belichick retire as well. I give them maybe 2 or 3 more years of Very Good to Great play and that is about it.
    • Andrew luck signs
      Peyton had a neck injury and many thought he wouldn't be the same after words. Not only that we knew we were getting Luck in the Draft so it was time to move on. Peyton spent 14 years here and in order to rebuild and get under the Salary Cap we had to let him go, you act like we did him dirty and just got rid of him after his 6th or 7th season or something. We weren't winning a SB with Peyton with the Roster we had anyway. Who really cares if Luck spends his whole career here, we now have him through his prime years and for the next 6 seasons. The 49ers let Montana walk because they had Steve Young, it happens! Worry about this stuff in the year 2022 which is a long ways off and please try to be more positive. Almost everyone of your Post seems to be negative.
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