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    • Manning may have needed every rep and 6 years to begin throwing like the GOAT, but these people are talking about a once in 25 year player.
       He is gonna come out throwing BBZ like the guy we always knew we drafted.      Just you wait and see! 
    • And Reds get another win. This team sometimes 
    • We don't know the whole story. Just a couple snippets from one side.
    • I found out how the 48 team format works, at least in its early discussions:   https://www.theguardian.com/football/2017/jan/10/48-team-world-cup-fifa-plan-2026   They even mention Scotland in there for ya     I like the way it is now, it reduces the number of weak teams getting in and preserves the quality. I do not want more teams like Saudi Arabia in the tournament, personally. It is obviously, a decision made around money. 
    • Luck's comment,  that he thinks he's going to be better than he's ever been......   I could be wrong,  but I think he's referring more long term than literally THIS YEAR.   I think it's practically impossible for him to be at his best this year.    From the time camp broke on 6/14 to the time of the first pre-season game with the Bengals about a week into August,  Andrew Luck is only going to have about 30 days of throwing.    And that includes the summer.   And by the time of the first regular season game,   that's about roughly 48-50 days fo throwing.       That's it!   And that's not very much.     Not at all.    Under those conditions, the idea that we're going to see the best Andrew Luck we've ever seen seems not very likely.      To be sure,  the new offense, where Luck gets rid of the ball on shorter timing plays will help.    And so will a much improved O-line.    But there's a lot that's going to be new,  and inexperienced.    And all that takes time to really get up to speed.   So,  I think the "best Andrew Luck we've ever seen" is coming....    but it's more likely coming in 19 and 20 then it is in 18.     I think that's pretty close to impossible.     There just isn't enough time for all that to happen.  
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