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Hey everyone I know trying to figure out what the Colts are going to do in the off-season is fun. Trying to figure out who they're going to draft who they're going to sign in free agency. I've done a mock draft myself as well as the free agency market. But we must remember that there are maximums you can spend but there are also minimums you have 2 spend. With that being said I know there are a lot of websites and different answers out there for the salary Questions. But here is a pretty good website that I found the answered several questions. So give this a read before you go through your free agency spending spree. LOL


Happy reading

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    • No, not at all. Injuries are the only thing they do report fast.    Last year and the year before that and the year before that they would tweet out updates anytime a play was made, they would tweet out anytime a player looks good or bad, and nearly everytime you'd refresh the browser there would be plenty of updates. This year? They take 20 to 30 minutes to tweet any updates. And when they do tweet its something vague. 
    • Why?  Because they did not tell you Langford's status in the half second after it happened?    
    • Thank you.  My favorite thing about the interview was : " Hope so, hope so. But that’s definitely been a point of focus for me this offseason, just getting better at rushing the passer, because it was almost embarrassing for me last year — at least coming from college, where whenever I worked one of my moves, I kind of expected to beat the guy. In the league, I guess you kind of have to accept that the dudes across from you are getting paid quite a bit, too. You’re not going to win every single time, so that’s definitely been a focal point for me, working on that this offseason for sure. "  
    • Baltimore should Thank Charles Dickens for the name of there football team as well as Cleveland for there team simply put the team & name come from outside Baltimore . They celebrate a team & name whose origins are from elsewhere while trying to tell Indianapolis Colts fans how Colts history & a Lombardi belong to there city .    “You will be greatly shocked and grieved,” Charles Dickens wrote to a friend in 1841, “to hear that the Raven is no more!” His pet raven, Grip, had died. At the behest of his children, Dickens wrote poor Grip in his most recent book, Barnaby Rudge, maintaining in its pages Grip’s name and his loquacious powers of imitating human speech. In 1842, Edgar Allan Poe shook hands with Charles Dickens in Philadelphia, and spoke about Barnaby Rudge, which Poe had recently reviewed with the criticism that Dickens should have given the raven a prophetic presence in the story. In 1845, a prophetic raven was penned into existence, this time by the American author. The creation spawned reproach itself, as some judged Mr. Poe as lying in the shadow of Mr. Dickens, as may be derived from James R. Lowell’s journalistic jingle: Here comes Poe with his raven, like Barnaby Rudge,
      Three-fifths of him genius and two-fifths sheer fudge. 170 years later, however, nearly everyone knows Poe’s raven, and nearly no one knows Dickens’—or even Barnaby Rudge’s, for that matter. Grip the raven is forgotten; another raven holds the world in its grip: the raven named Nevermore. As Poe purposefully reincarnated Dickens’ merry raven into his macabre ravings, so too do people purposefully reincarnate the relentless madness of Poe’s raven into their own ravings—making them beautiful in their terror. Your welcome for the history lesson interesting as it might be , Baltimore of old & new was made by others in other cities & enjoyed by many who created nothing much without the help of others so that Baltimore could call it its own , history evolves those who fail to study it do not .
    •"lance+stephenson"+sid%3a"b424c2b7-f5d8-61c7-43bf-d7a606a4017e"&form=EDGEAR&qs=MB&cvid=8d1ef9eaafac4384a3fedef2d25bbcb8&pq=lance stephenson   Timberwolves have interest. He very likely is either asking to much or teams think he will ask to much after he signs a minimal contract after it expires. Plus there are not many teams with much money actually. Some are over the cap even
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