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Hey everyone I know trying to figure out what the Colts are going to do in the off-season is fun. Trying to figure out who they're going to draft who they're going to sign in free agency. I've done a mock draft myself as well as the free agency market. But we must remember that there are maximums you can spend but there are also minimums you have 2 spend. With that being said I know there are a lot of websites and different answers out there for the salary Questions. But here is a pretty good website that I found the answered several questions. So give this a read before you go through your free agency spending spree. LOL


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    • Colts Draft 2016
      I thought it was interesting when Irsay said that they were talking to some teams who were ahead of them after the Kelly pick who said they were very close to picking Kelly if their guy hadn't fallen to them. Goes to show that Kelly was pretty high on a number of teams draft board. He was thought very highly of.
    • Other teams drafts
      2015 Minnesota Vikings 16 16 292 447 65.3 3,231 7.2 14 9 44 307 88.7 44 192 4.4 3 8 3 14 TD passes 9 INT with a passer 88.7 is not what I`d call Pro Bowl material. He made it because others didn`t go. Just my two cents! Bridgewater and Braxton two different players anyways. Shouldn`t be in the same discussion. 
    • After Sleeping on it...
      Myles Jack was passed in the first round by every team.   And he wasn't even the first player taken in the 2nd round.   What?         Does?        That?       Tell?       You?!?   You might want to stop and think about it.....  
    • The New AFC South
      Who says we didn't make a call to Irvine and see about the possibility??? And ultimately it's up to the free agent where they wanna sign. Plus financially with a Luck deal looming we didn't really have the money to fork out.   And I don't know how you think that if we'd just got a pass rusher that you want and think is good then all the sudden our pass rush is fixed and all is well. That is faaaarr from the case and not reality at all. Even the the top pass rushers in this class have thier question marks and uncertainty and need more development in some way. If we did take one that was available he might have gave us a few sacks next year but likely not anything much that would vastly improve our pass rush. And the bottom line is they weren't the best players on the Colts board when the Colts picked. And we did get Maggit in UDFA who has real potential, so that's something to be encouraged about in that area.
    • Colts select Trevor Bates, DE, Maine
      Stampede blue is also suggesting we picked up Curt Maggitt from Univ. Of Tennesse as a UDFA. He had 11 sacks on 2014. High effort player who bends the corner pretty well.
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