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Each week readers of can submit questions about the team and have the chance for their questions to be answered. Here are this week’s answers to selected questions that were sent. To submit a question for Craig you can visit the COLTS MAILBAG or tweet your question with the hashtag #COLTSMAILBAG.

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    • I can't dislike Russell Wilson after this letter
      Are you lambasting [ridiculing] RW for that or merely praising him for getting his slice of capitalistic pie PR?    I don't care either way. It's just that I can't get a handle on your tone. Is it sincere, sarcastic, or both? 
    • Is Manning Now the #2 ?
      Don't forget what happened to Brock against Pittsburg....
    • Denver (+6) at Carolina (2-7-16)
      Johnny Unitas has a ring for Super Bowl V and he hardly played. It still counts. And many still consider him the greatest of all time. 
    • Denver (+6) at Carolina (2-7-16)
      Absolutely. I fully believe that if we switched out Tom and Peyton. Tom would now have 2 rings and Peyton would have 4. Tom had good to great defenses when he won his rings and an agressive head coach who is also a defensive mastermind . Tom is an all time great, but Peyton is too. They just had different circumstances.    And there ia one thing that people forget easily: teams that pick first in the draft do so because ....(drumroll)..... they stink! The Colts were bad and got the first pick and we're trying to rebuild. Peyton helped them rebuild. Tom was picked by a team that had recently been in the Super Bowl and was a playoff caliber team with a playoff caliber defense.    Championships take a total team effort in all three phases of the game. I for one am sick of the Peyton vs Tom debate. If you look at their entire body of work, it is quite obvious that they were equals and that they were in a league of their own for the better part of 2 decades. 
    • Cam Newton walks out of post SB interview
      Peyton walked off the field according to multiple articles I read and reports not shaking hands with Drew Brees or any of the Saints after the SB loss in '09.  He defended it  "I certainly know how it was three years ago when we won" Manning said at the time. "There's the stage being set up, and the celebration, and it's time for the Saints to celebrate. It's their field. They deserve the moment."   But some saw that as poor sportsmanship, Neither Cam or Peyton were wrong the more I think about it (back then or now), The media should be made to let the players calm down a bit from such an emotional high or low, It is often asking for (and hoping for in some cases) just something to put out in there articles/twitter/blog/facebook/whatever to make bigger story then it actually was to begin with.    
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