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Winners in nine of the past 11 games and in five of six down the final stretch, the Colts return to the post-season hoping to possess the spark that helped produce an 11-5 record. Chuck Pagano spoke on Sunday of “mojo,” and he and his players hope that intangible can produce tangible results in Baltimore.

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1. Self-confidence, Self-assuredness. As in basis for belief in ones self in a situation. 


This team has every reason to believe in themselves! Go Colts!

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    • Possibly. But there is more ways to make it work. Like say swapping a 4th for their 5th too or some other combo if we get their 101 then we get say that 5th or something. That said I want that 82nd and not impressed with the 101st..even if it meant swapping our late 4th for their 5th. That 82nd to me is like the tipping point in the draft. Kinda where that level of talent sees a big drop or players start having limitations or big question marks. Not saying there won't be diamonds in the rough later but percentages aren't on our side.
    •   I hate to be the killjoy and I certainly have NO inside information....   But my hunch,  my instincts,  say that Elway will not trade the 82nd pick that's worth 180 points even thought it's a natural fit.     I'm on record as saying it's a buyers market, not a seller's market,  so I think we're going to have to settle for Denver's 2nd of their two 3rd round picks.     It's pick 101 and it's with 96 points,  less than half of what we'd want.   And for that reason,   I think the haggling is over what else we will demand Denver give us to make up for some of that huge difference.      I don't think i'd want to do a deal just for that 2nd three and take less than 50 cents on the dollar.      I'd tell Elway,   no 2nd pick,  no deal.     And while I don't think Elway will give up a 4,  I think he might be willing to give up a 5 to go with it.      Clearly he'd be more willing to give up a 6,  the question is,  would that be enough for Ballard.      My instincts say no,  but what the Hell do I know,   I'm guessing here....   But my instincts say we'd get the 2nd of the Broncos three's and another pick....     That might get the job done...   I know this viewpoint will be very, very unpopular,  but I think this is a weird draft and that the majority of deals will be discounted.  
    • I see the Patriots getting this guy in the middle round. They love Florida players and seem to always grab guys that tumble but have special talent and turn them into another cog in that machine.
    • That's a reach if I've ever saw one. Honestly he is like the 5th best OL at best and it's likely we would be able to draft the best if we wanted one drafting where we are. Sometimes these guys just force stupid picks on small market teams so they can have some bigger names fall to their big market teams like the Cowboys and Steelers etc because they know they will make more readers happy to see a guy like say Conley fall to the Cowboys or a Reddick fall to the Steelers or say a Charles Harris fall to Atlanta. So what if he screws over the Colts or say the Titans or Cincinnati if it means pushing a clear better talent and fit down the draft board to make a dream scenario for the Jets, Eagles, or Cowboys. That's how I tell the good analysts from the make believe ones as I look for clear outliers.
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