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    • Those are 3 teams that were bad for several seasons and capitalized on at least few years of drafting in the top 10 or higher. The Vikings alone had 3 first round picks in 2013, and 2 in 2014. 5 first round picks in 2 seasons, combined with great coaching, and you wonder why they're more talented? Really?
    • If you had to rank the defensive guys on the team currently from top to bottom, how would you rank them from the talent level? I would also include in the rankings, a built in ladder for the experience level and the learning curve IE: T.G. Green vs a veteran player   1. Davis -hands down #1 2. Anderson-- Based from his rookie season before his knee injury 3. Walden-- most consistent IMO 4. Adams-- Slowing down?? 5. Geathers--Has shown talent frequently but still has a curve 6. Green---- it gets tougher past this point to rank 7. Butler-- up and down but just enough when healthy 8. Robinson-- maybe more hopeful here than actual talent. Belong at the slot 9. Langford--going off his production more last season than this one 10. Kerr-- flashes then disappears more than I would like 11. Ridegway-- young and has shown some flashes 12.Parry-- paired with a healthy Anderson, he has produced. Without Anderson, just not as good. 13. McGill-- flashes talent but needs more consistency 14. Mathis--old and cooked 15. Jones-- wth has happened to this once sought after talent. 16. Ayers-- I probably should have him ranked higher, just haven't seen enough of him 17. E. Jackson-- speed and youth, should probably also be ranked higher, need to see more of him 18. Morrison-- young and lacking experience. Slower than I would like to see 19. DQ Jackson--getting old fast. SOlid last season 20.Melvin-- flashed talent and made several mistakes. Good depth and potential to play into a outside spot next year 21. Maggitt--too raw to know what we have 22. McNary ---dead last and by far the worst of the defense.   Obviously this is a very subjective list but one point I can make out here is that we have 1 A list player with Davis, 2-3 young up and comers that have shown enough talent to possibly make that A list, a lot of players that are just average and role players and then more than enough aged players that need replaced next season and then McNary who just is the weakest link on this team, hands down. What's your assessment of the list? 
    • He was released cause he couldn't stay off the weeeeeeeed *Stephen A. Smith Voice*   Then he was actually taken to court for it. Posted a picture via Twitter of himself dabbing in front of the courthouse with the caption "Beat the charge" over it   Few minutes later Colts reporter Stephen Holder tweeted that he took a plea deal    -__-
    • Flip that 6 with the 10 & you got the right record 
    • I had that same winning vibe against the Titans last week.

      I don't feel the same this week, not that a win isn't possible, but I think we'll lose a close one. Their RB's have a solid ypc and Kelce could do damage against our LB's. They don't have a lot of sacks but I've read that they get good pressure. And even though Alex Smith isn't elite, he's much better than guys we've made look elite, so if we can't get any pressure then I see him having a good game. Not to mention the Chiefs want revenge over the Wildcard game.
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