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Can't discredit the Colts.

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How did we have the 2nd easiest schedule in the league? And if so how can we be discredited for this? The Colts were the worst team in the league last year. There for every game we played we were the underdog. Can't discredit the colts.

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I dont think many are trying to discredit the Colts especially given all our changes we went through but were playing on the road now not at home in the playoffs

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I watched a Lot of bad football this season with our bad opponents finding ways to lose.

MANY posters here were not in to BA at all. The D got steam rolled a few times and our CB play was terrible early on.

Our QB danced in the pocket like Fred Astaire finding time to throw HIS deep throws to Reggie for Many Acrobatic catches.

It was Frustrating to watch game after game, but there was one surprise finish after another.

There is a whole lot of mediocrity in the NFL, and sometimes it just goes your way.

We did play a few games when our opponent was missing key players.

Thanks to circumstance and an Extremely weak schedule, we are a Surprise Team this season.

And because IMO we have GREAT Leadership, Solid Coaching, and Great Determination, we have a modest chance to win a Playoff game. Head shaking WILD! JMO

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    • That was last year.... not the case for this year... we are playing like zombies out there 
    • My point when I explain what the Colts did in 2013 is to remind posters here that we DID try to address the problem.   Posters repeated ask why hasn't Grigson tried to do more sooner?      What was he waiting for?      I'm simply reminding fans that Grigson invested serious money and draft picks hoping to solve our OL problem in his 2nd year.      We needed to give those moves time to either pan out and work,   or not pan out and get cut.      In the last few years,  he's added Mewhort,  Good, and Kelly,  and Reitz improved the quality of his game.      But we are still not a cohesive unit yet.     Unfortunately,  the OL often takes time to gell and became a solid working unit.       And that's where we are now.....    waiting for the unit to come together.   But we will likely take a step back this week.     Good is out with a bad back,  and I'm not sure how he's going to get replaced?        
    • I haven't seen one Chargers game all year not even Preseason football. I know Philip Rivers will play lights out like he normally does. However, it's difficult to make a prediction or score off a team I haven't watched once since Sept. 11th though.    I guess I abstain from any projections due to a lack of visual evidence or game viewership on my part. If our DBs are banged up our out, Rivers will have a field day with our secondary unfortunately. 
    • so true, but they are as banged up on offense as we've been on D. Looking at their skill positions and they will be without Gates, Oliver, and Johnson in addition to Woodhead and Allen...  I guess I'm not buying Melvin Gordon, yet.    I'm a homer all the way, but I still think that we win this one by more than a TD. 
    • 1 less than glowing complement about our GM does not mean that I am throwing out the baby with the bathwater CC1. You will recall that I complemented Grigs on Kelly, Anderson, & Parry correct?    Not exactly demanding that Grigs be tarred & feathered am I now? It's a little hard to make the case that SW1 is Mr. "negativity" after that. Also, there's a difference between crucifying a GM & pointing out that no front office execute gets gold stars for failures that never came to fruition BTW. The NFL isn't Kindergarten; No one gets a participation ribbon for just trying or showing up. 
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