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    • Luck is 92 on the top 100
      Having 1 injury plagued season is one thing but 2 in a row we have a problem. I don't see it. I think Andrew stays healthy and we make the Playoffs this upcoming season. How people easily forget Cam Newton was 7-8-1 in 2014 and wasn't near as good as Andrew. Up until last season Andrew has always been better than Cam and Cam just won MVP.
    • Freeney ?
      No! Get younger and move on.
    • Freeney ?
      We are old enough at OLB. I hope Maggitt is fully recovered from the hip injury. If he is we stole an OLB.   I am high on Thompson too. He has not had a lot of time rushing the QB but seems to have a knack for it. Like Freeney he forces fumbles. Thompson arrived at the Cuse a 4 star recruit at TE. He spent a yr at DT before moving out to DE. A good athelte played college bball too.   Grig's and Co. did a fine job bringing in some potential help at OLB in a bad group. I might have gone for Jenkins in the 3rd. The other players I liked we small school projects. Maggitt and Thompson are as likely as any to pan out.    The Steelers declined the option on underachieving Jarvis Jones maybe a change of scenery helps him. I just don't see any reason to get even older at OLB. Freeney is 36.
    • Offensive Line-Why is it so hard & my belief we have turned the corner
      Like this piece a lot. It exposes a real problem going on in the NFL as a result of the CBA and college systems. I personally think both have been major contributing factors to the Colts bad offensive line play for years. There certainly has been some talent on the offensive but the lack of proper teaching techniques and practice time have made it next to impossible to take these guys to the next level successfully. Hopefully Joe Philbin will be able to compensate for some of that this year.
    • Luck is 92 on the top 100
      The list is for what they expect them to do in 2016     Way to low  as again this is saying what they expect him to do in 2016
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