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Chuck Pagano will lead his 10-5 Colts onto the field Sunday against 12-3 Houston, the last regular season game before the playoffs. Pagano, not one to shy away from expressing emotion, says Sunday will be “awesome” as he returns to the sidelines after missing 12 games.

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    • Which one most likely to happen...
      I bet Gore drops 1200+ O-line keeps Luck a little less dirty ( but not as much as people think, alot of his hits were because he just held the ball until the last second, not because of a blown assignment of an o-lineman.) Because of the upper 2, Luck throws 4500+and 35+ TD's. I Expect the D-line to get 15+ sacks...Mathis 12+ so if 2 others can get 5-6..then looking very good there. I'm also expecting a top 10 run defense.  ..but a bottom 10 pass defense ( mainly because of Colts O controling the clock and the game most of the time, and other teams throwing more often than running.,
    • Preseason might be revealing
      I like watching preseason games, just because of the withdraw   But I don't put much stock in seeing players in preseason action.  Look at last year for example, Robinson looked to play well in preseason, but made it all of just a few games into the season before getting cut.  The benifit is for guys whom need some real game action to fine tune themselves.  Like Green or Clark.  This benifits them the most.  5 meaningless games to help them move into the pro's and get up to speed.
    • 2015-2016 Indiana Pacers (And rest of the NBA) Season
      If the 76ers are smart they should draft Ingram and not Simmons.    But they dont prove to be smart very often. Being a 76ers fan must be horrible. You already suck but the few good players you have they want to trade? Goodness. The Pacers do some stupid crap but at least we arent the 76ers. 
    • 2015-2016 Indiana Pacers (And rest of the NBA) Season
      I think they're asking for backcourt guys since their frontcourt is full and will likely add Ben Simmons. Monta would give them a wing scorer, a veteran, and a leader to help the young guys.    No kidding. Okafor just made All-NBA Rookie Team and they want to trade him. They must have an insane amount of confidence in Embiid. 
    • Which rookie are you most excited to see play?
      The obvious answer is Kelly, but I won't say that because I'm EXPECTING him to play great. (sadly)   The one I am most intrigued to see play and hope he pans out is Ridgeway.  Parry played well the entire season, but did his best in the first 1/2 of the season, wether that was an Anderson byproduct or not is up for debate.  But either way, if Ridgeway shows he can be as disruptive as his college tape, then splitting reps at NT with Parry will have HUGE benefits on the D-line.  A fresh NT = a solid foundation.  A fresh NT with disruption, and Lanford, Anderson, and/or Jones on either side (if the latter 2 stays healthy) = exciting and fun to watch.
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    • Member Introductions! (Say Hi!)
      When I first saw this thread, I thought I was late to the party, but then I saw that this thread has been going since 2012.   I'm still late to the party, but story of my life.  I joined in 2015, but have been a Colts fan since I was a kid.   My first Colts memory is getting a hat signed by Quentin Coryatt at training camp, and that same year almost going to the SB.   My favorite Colts memory is beating the Pats to get to the SB in 2006.   Favorite Colts:   1. Peyton Manning 2. Marvin Harrison 3. Reggie Wayne 4. Dallas Clark 5. Brandon Stokely   Needless to say, Peyton (#1) and everyone he threw the ball to (#2-5) won me many, many fantasy football games, and are my guys for eternity.   You might assume from my top 5 Colts that I am a "new-age" "fairweather" fan who only likes offense and points.  You are wrong.  I am grateful for the offensive Renaissance in Indy, but Defense is my passion.  My secret top 5 Colts: Bob Sanders, Dwight Freeney, Robert Mathis, Cato June, Gary Brackett.   I want Henry Anderson to help lead a Defensive Renaissance in Indy.  Luck and TY are great, and I hope the OLine is outstanding, but the D is the Key.
    • Member Introductions! (Say Hi!)
      Hey guys,   I have been posting for probably a year or so now.  I reside in Brazil, IN, which is about 20 minutes East of Terre Haute on I-70.  I'm 28 years old and have been a Colts fan since Harbaugh days, but really started following and rooting hard for them after they drafted Manning in 98.  I love our team and my family and I make sure we are ready to rock for every game.  We always have viewing parties at my father-in-laws or my house and are known to holler and scream at the TV!  Hope all is well with all of you, and GO COLTS!
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