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Chuck Pagano will lead his 10-5 Colts onto the field Sunday against 12-3 Houston, the last regular season game before the playoffs. Pagano, not one to shy away from expressing emotion, says Sunday will be “awesome” as he returns to the sidelines after missing 12 games.

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    • 2015-2016 Indiana Pacers (And rest of the NBA) Season
      The Pacers made the playoffs as a 7th seed. It wasn't even a sure thing they would make it until the last month of the season. No way Frank could have sat PG out of games with their record and the rest of the talent on that roster.
    • Grading the current roster
      Your original post IMPLIED that Vinny wasn't elite because he wasn't "even in the top ten" according to some website.  Maybe you didn't use the actual words "he isn't elite", but you implied it with your post that he is 19th according to some website, and then 16th according to some other website.   Maybe that's not your actual opinion, and you were just playing devils' advocate by showing how others graded last season.  If that's the case, a few more sentences providing more explanation would have been better than "he's not even top ten" without backing that up with a handy dandy link or chart like the OP.
    • Earl Okine
      I promise Spence won't have more sacks than Robert Mathis this year
    • Earl Okine
      I noticed that if you don't know a players name, or if he isn't talked about all over the place you instantly diss the ability of the player no matter what.  You don't even give the player a chance to prove otherwise.
    • Earl Okine
      I'd actually like for him to play around 270-275. Gives us a huge human being who is basically a lineman setting that edge, and if we can get some pass rush out of him(which he is not known for) that would be even better.  I have a hunch he may actually be better as a pass rusher if coming from a stand up position versus a 3 point stance.  It's going to be interesting to see.
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